1. Wow you called it. I hope you bought some! One of the biggest 2 days that will ever happen.

  2. Freedom of speech isn't in Trump's vocabulary except for himself.

  3. 5 years of lawsuits to void a 7 year old agreement that should have never existed in the first place. Trump once again uses and abuses the courts as a shield to hide his unethical behavior and could of won the presidency because of it and the penalty is 400,000. Probably not enough to cover the plaintiffs legal fees over 5 years.

  4. FWIW, a railfan proposed it as a cheaper alternative to the Hudson Yards extension almost a decade ago. It's doable with track and switch upgrades, but you end up losing storage capacity once you account for the need for a platform.

  5. You will lose storage capacity by 1 track. Though if the new Penn station ever gets built with more capacity, a shuttle train can be added then.

  6. Insurance companies got this powerful because the bills are so high. Just about every company in America negotiates with the insurance company. They try and get the best deal possible and put pressure on insurance companies to lower costs. It costs around 23,000 to insure a family in America. Maybe 8,000 to insure an individual. The costs are so out of control the companies put maximum pressure for insurance companies to cut costs.

  7. Why are so many thinking there’ll be a crash? I’m often pessimistic but not right now. The market has already corrected. Investors who’d pull out have done so already. Despite interest being high, the economy isn’t that bad and inflation is reducing. I think the market will go up this year.

  8. Because to really get inflation under control the Fed has to man up and cause a decent recession. If they have a soft landing most likely inflation will come back like it did after 73 and 80. If there is a recession earnings will fall then stock prices will fall with earnings.

  9. Most of your pint is not the pint... it's the chair, the insurance (the fucking insurance...), rent, the salaries of the staff, etc... if you want to fix most of the rip off problems in Ireland, sort out insurance!

  10. This is the real answer. It feels good to think a pub will charge less for non alcoholic beer for health drinking and driving etc. In reality you are a number on a spreadsheet. The restaurant needs every customer to pay a certain amount on average so they can cover their costs and make a profit. The pub does not care of you buy beer, juice milk as long as they get to make some cash.

  11. Smithtown has always had the most fucked up government’s, what a shit show

  12. Smithtown had the same supervisor Pat Vecchio for like 30 years. The roads were always well maintained and plowed. The parks were always well kept and nice. I think Smithtown always did a good job maintaining the town. Taxes were generally lower than other towns to the west.

  13. Anytime people ask for Brittish food the answer is always Jones Wood Foundry 76th and 1st.

  14. The strange thing is these stocks were all worth 5x what they are currently trading at in early 2022. They dipped in late fall and are not even back to early fall prices. They may have more room to run.

  15. The new $20 a month subscription says otherwise

  16. Chat gpt is free over the web. The apps charging money are fake. They just resell chat gpt and charge money. I almost made the same mistake till I read chat gpt is free.

  17. Hot take. The Jets should have never got rid if Darnold. He still has a chance to be a good QB. His first 2 seasons with the Jets he had zero talent around him and people wondered why he was not Aaron Roger's. He also only ever played 27 games in collage so he needed more experience than the average NFL QB. He is still only 25. His last 2022 season was not terrible.

  18. No. The Giants had an emerging QB. We don’t. Simple as that. That alone makes the situations not comparable at all.

  19. Is comparable except for the QB. Zack regressed throughout the season. He played worse and worse till he got benched and came back and looked worse. He is following the Sanchize career path.

  20. The best take. The NY Times finally decides to actually do a local story and it's this complete nonsense.

  21. I just naively assumed Boeing had gotten the secret go-ahead several month ago when there was first talks of GLSDB contracts. Because back then it was said that the work had to be started immediately if Ukraine was to have them for a spring offensive.

  22. The US is so screwed if they are ever really attacked. What is the US going to say after they expend their initial ammo. Can you wait to attack us further we have a 9 month wait to get our assembly lines going again.

  23. If you ask the immigrants virtually zero want handouts. They just want to be able to compete in the job market. The large majority are here for economic reasons, not really refugees fleeing a war zone.

  24. Every immigrant I ever met were generally the hardest working people. Not sure where all of these welfare queen immigrants you are talking about are. All I have ever seen is immigrants who work very hard at jobs I don't want to do.

  25. I felt like this link was thorough and informative. I think it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.

  26. You just discovered Maga nutjobs? Everyone is entitled to there political opinion no matter how much I disagree with it provided you don't resort to violence or try and overthrow the government.

  27. I feel so bad for those trust fund kids whose mommy and daddy are paying $5,000 a month so they can live in a one bedroom apartment in a trendy part of Manhattan having to see homelessness

  28. I feel bad for the person working overnight as a porter in a restaurant for 40k a year who has to take the subway at night and can't find a car without a homeless person who smells. The same person having to walk by an encampment while they are on their way home from work at 3am but have to deal with a mentally ill person who yells at them everyday while the person has to think to themselves this is why I have to carry a knife for the 1 day the homeless person with untreated schizophrenia has a delusion and decides to attack. For every millionaire trope there are hundreds of thousands of people trying to goto work or school that have to deal with him homeless often. I care about the people who are not rich. These are the silent majority in NYC who have to deal with street crime and homeless way more than rich people.

  29. Wow it’s amazing that there are any New Yorkers at all who don’t feel like you do. I actually consider it a badge of pride that I don’t knowingly or willingly associate with anyone like you and most people I know here are working people who would not talk about homeless people this way. You know how I feel about most homeless people? Profoundly sorry for them. Have they sometimes been a nuisance to me in my decades of life here? Sure. But my overwhelming emotion when thinking about them is somehow not disgust.

  30. So you support letting mentally ill people who can't help themselves die in the streets? You like the current situation and would want more of it?

  31. A few ways. 1 the west's anti tank weapons are better than the Russians so the tanks will not be destroyed as fast. 2 the tactics will be better. The Russians used there tanks unsupported by infantry and not really part of combined arms. 3 the tanks can shoot accurately on the move which is a major advantage that can't be understated. In the battle of 93 easting in Iraq the kill rate was like 60 to 1 as the western tanks destroyed the dug in Iraqi t 72s before they got off a shot. 4. When attacking a trench in a field there is still nothing better than a modern tank to take the position. Especially when used effectively with combined arms. You take a position 3 miles deep get behind enemy lines and then use faster vehicles to spread out in the lightly guarded rear. 5 tanks are more vulnerable than they ever have been before but put 100 of them to lead your major attack and you will be much much better off than lightly Armoured infantry.

  32. I’ll try to remember not to look anxious while I’m in excruciating pain while fearing for my life next time I go the emergency room. Gonna try to look chill as fuck.

  33. Talking to a doctor they said I will see 200 patients this week. 199 will have the sniffles ( basically some minor illness that will resolve itself in a week) and maybe 1 actually sick patient. My job is to find that 1 actually sick patient.

  34. Fanta gone hes a FA, Centers are going to be in demand and McGovern will be a FA as well, hes going to be too expensive to keep so we should draft Schmidt in the 2nd.

  35. The one thing about Lawson is players underperform typically the first year back from an Achilles. I bet they cut him and he returns to form.

  36. Hot take. Both sides are planning major attack to break a recent lull in a war. They are also going to plan the attacks in the dead of winter or summer to avoid the mud seasons.

  37. Whitehead was below average and very over priced. Joyner was terrible. However, I think Whitehead gets one more year because there’s just too many holes elsewhere in starting lineup

  38. I don't understand why everyone thinks the o line is a mess. The o line was injured last year. It's the NFL it happens. They were playing 4th string tackles because the first 3 were hurt. In the off season there is no reason to believe they won't get healthy and generally speaking one years injuries does not mean you will have a very high injury rate the following year. Unless you are like Becton and don't actually fix your injury. They have some decent players. The wild cards being Tomlinson who they are stuck with due to the contract and Becton who when healthy has shown promise.

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