RoofTop KOREAN with full metal K2

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  1. True, I was a bit hungry, so I helped myself to an apple.

  2. I did have a huge dinner before I went to walk 😄. I made myself a large sandwich and I was feeling too full to do anything else at the moment 😅

  3. As long as the FRH is inside the original meal bag you should be ok, even if it isn't you will likely be fine. There is a higher chance that they will take the meals than the FRH, even then that only happens now and then

  4. Thanks! I've sent it to my friend living in states first just in case something happens. It has been stuck in customs for 2 weeks 🤣

  5. Welcome to MCX owner's club bud. Hope you enjoy your MCX.

  6. If I could get my hands on the genuine or replica plate carrier.

  7. Altho the base gun I bought for it came with a short length RAHG Handguard and I gotta say I can understand why you switched it out on yours. But since I have a short inner barrel and a spare upper receiver, I build myself a second upper assembly with it - So now if I wanna switch from this Outdoor setup to a CQB one, I just switch out the complete upper assembly for a „true“ 416c vibe.

  8. There ya go lad! Just like those load out on Seals with 2 upper receivers. One for CQB and one for mid-long range. Bet it comes handy while you are at field too, switching upper receiver just in case you get bored with one play style.

  9. I can send you a pic if you want. The 416c I got was a Specna Arma SA-H07 and the handguard there was shorter cos it is a „c“ length gun

  10. ah thats the one. photos are appreciated cause i do wanna poke your head to see what you wanna do with the rahg handguard.

  11. See if you installed handguard/stock of holding, you wouldnt have this problem.

  12. Thanks! I got it from a local shop near by me. It's called V1911 Tactical Illuminator by VFC. A replica version of Surefire 310R

  13. How does the flashlight attach? Very cool build.

  14. Tysm! Light module is attached to pistol with its proprietary slide stop that comes with and a hex screw to trigger guard.

  15. If you pull on the trigger? Is there gas inside your mag?

  16. I reckon you to check out some guides or youtube vids on taking care of your GBB pistol

  17. I don't like sand...... It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

  18. I had a classmate in university who had a lense on the table sitting next to me. Wondered why she didn't have it in a case or anything, because she normally took very good care of her camera tech. Her husband used to run the equipment checkout for university cameras, so she definitely knew better than to just have a nice looking longview lens just sitting out in the open. Then, before I could ask why she wasn't using her camera bag, she put the lens up to her mouth and took a big swig out of it.

  19. I had similar experience. My friend is excellent filmographer/photographer and for his birthday I bought piggy bank shaped like zoom lens. While handing out his gift, I 'accidently' dropped it. Upon opening it he was shocked that I dropped expensive zoom lens but relived as soon as he realized it was plastic coin bank.

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