1. Gold crown - a lot of their stuff is on the lower quality side but their GhostBudsters collabs did impress me

  2. To your point (in from IL) most budtenders in Michigan I’ve dealt with aren’t friendly helpful and I’m pretty certain most of them don’t smoke. One chick I asked 3 different times what she would recommend and she just says “everything”.

  3. As someone who has worked in multiple Michigan dispensaries I can confirm I always had one or more coworkers who did not consume at all. A handful would only smoke prerolls and carts, and a good chunk of them couldn’t tell you anything about terpenes or the true differences between products. We unfortunately don’t require any experience, knowledge or real training to be a budtender and the pay reflects that which is why not many knowledgeable people actually work in the dispensaries.

  4. There’s a few dispensaries that do comp the recreational tax for medical patients all the time - Jars might be a shit company but they do comp rec tax for med patients. Classic roots in Owosso also comps rec tax.

  5. Flower- Midnight Roots (cg), Ghostbudster farms, Mi Terp Farmz (cg), Local Grove, Heavyweight Heads, Peninsula Gardens, Glacier, Mitten Canna Co, Information Entropy.

  6. Is organic mechanic’s metrc product ready yet? Also I haven’t seen covert do any rosin since they went metrc, loved their stuff during their caregiver days

  7. Keep in mind cannabis brands are able to offer incentives to budtenders to push their products. Cresco and jeeter are just a few big names that have recently done this. So no, budtender recommendations are not always honest.

  8. Out of all the MJArsenal rigs I’ve tried the Titan was the best, but still not better than a regular sized rig. I prefer 14mm joints (personal preference) but still would rather use a 10mm reducer in my full size rig than use any MJArsenal piece

  9. Not sure what your question is then. Also that price isn’t correct for everyone since some of us grow our own

  10. Craft cannabis club in Detroit, hot box social in hazel park, vehicle city social in flint, kalkushka lounge in kalkaska, just to name a few.

  11. Is the craft cannabis club a regular thing tho? All the others I’ve known about just not that one.

  12. Should be open 7 days a week, not licensed and I don’t think they have vendors in there too often. I’ve been and my friend owns it so you’d think I’d know more about it lol. They do have a website so you could always email or call for more info

  13. There are no bakeries or cafes serving freshly made infused products for you to walk in and buy/consume. The closest you’ll find to that in Michigan is a dispensary with a consumption lounge attached, or vehicle city social in flint.

  14. Right on, you know of any certain dispensaries that have consumption lounges in them?

  15. The consumption lounge list is extremely short. The only one I know of that has both the dispo and lounge open is Kalkushka in Kalkaska. 420 Shore in Muskegon plans to have a similar set up but only their dispo is open currently, lounge won’t be open until April.

  16. What company is that? What do companies get for their moldy buds that is turned into distillate?

  17. No Melk is a solventless brand. the company is Comco we operate our distillery out of. It depends on the potency of the plant going in. We take 30-40% of the output as our form of payment or 0.55-.75/g output for a toll. We have customers want to sell it as a bulk ingredient or make it into a product. Liters right now have been selling 1600-1700, we're averaging 22lbs input to generate 1kg of output. That's mostly outdoor biomass.

  18. If you are on Facebook there’s a handful of glass groups on there that you might have better luck

  19. You’re acting so rude now that I have zero interest in helping you anymore. Maybe learn some respect and I would of told you every glass group I know of.

  20. Puffco plus pen can do both. Some say it burns their carts because it runs too hot but I never had that issue

  21. 🤦‍♀️why thank you for that. Again back to the previous comment you seemed to skip.. this was really a getting a conversation going. I know I’m not the only one that has many bowls or wants to swap out other glass pieces.. This was a whim but because I was getting bored with my other pieces (truly know I’m not the only one out there) If I had a friends to swap pieces with I wouldn’t be here with this post. They all vape or very casually smoke.

  22. Well I’ve been in the glass community for years now, I’m not wrong by telling you your going to waste your time trying to post this for sale or trade rather than just throwing it away and moving on with your losses.

  23. Ever heard the "teats on a boar" saying? Applies well to your responses. Worthless.

  24. Again who are we to judge others for what cannabis products they use or that works for them? You are constantly a Debbie downer in this group, I wish I’d see more positive feedback and recommendations from you rather than just telling everyone they should buy rso

  25. Who cares if someone wants to smoke distillate if it works for them, that wasn’t the fucking question

  26. You can filter “smoking allowed” when searching air bnb’s site or app and a handful should come up that are 420 friendly in Michigan

  27. I have the same syrup! I got it for free from Oz in Yspalanti, so sorry if I butchered the spelling of that, but how do you use it? Is it good? Will the taste make me wanna die?

  28. You can drink the syrup by itself or mix it into other drinks like sprite or juice. I found it to be way too sugary and gave me a stomach ache but many people seem to like them. If I ever tried it again I’d probably opt for a sugar free soda to mix it

  29. What dispo you get that at? I went to jars and the budtender told me the humblebee stuff is a week old, and then i find out its from september 🤡

  30. Glorious has superior’s genetics and are creating products with his name on it but he truly has nothing to do with it aside from giving them the genetics. Otherwise that person is referring you to the caregiver market. Can’t say I’d recommend dogmantroop since he just prays on women

  31. Your best bet is to reach out to the grower on the bottom of the jar. Most of yeti’s products were grown by someone else, and yeti generally does cash rates instead of taking a % of the product so you aren’t likely to find more directly from Yeti.

  32. Oh no the winewood sycophants trying to peddle to unsuspecting customers the need to rehydrate dry weed as normal are downvoting me, how will I live with myself? Rehydrating dry weed kills the terpenes and traps chlorophyll, boveda packs pull terps out of the weed and changes the profile. Don’t believe me? Just google or look around reddit for 3 seconds, these aren’t new claims:

  33. Really comical since you work for or are involved with Information Entropy, you feel the need to dog the competition 💀 everything you’ve ever said to me on this post no longer has any validity in my eyes, you’re just attacking anyone who supports Winewood. Don’t bother responding I could give a shit less what you have to say - the community knows winewood is an honest company putting out good products for the community. To anyone reading this, as far as rehydrating flower goes - try it or don’t 🤷‍♀️

  34. Get yourself a cigarette, mildly toast it, mix in a bowl a bit of the tobacco + hash and chopp it until properly mixed, roll a lightly loose joint and smoke it. I’d you are absolutely opposed to a spliff you prob shouldn’t be smoking hash anyways. Enjoy!

  35. “If you are absolutely opposed to a spliff you prob shouldn’t be smoking hash anyways” is the dumbest shit I’ve read all day. You absolutely do not need to use tobacco to consume hash.

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