1. Off topic, but what do yall pay? I get a similar bag from a local shop for about 13 bucks a bag of espresso

  2. I finally tried Farook's after your comment, def worth it so thanks! Loved the spice and zero line. I think Adels is the best bc of the spicy rice and veg but I'm not waiting over an hour for that.

  3. He was there last night, told him after his food was dope and left a tip, nice dude, wish he had more clout lol

  4. A Pasta Bar: Mushroom Tagliatelle (white truffle). This is my fav plate of pasta in NYC

  5. It’s pricy, used to be $29, now it’s $44 last I went. They said it’s bc of truffle prices. I usually skip apps, just the pasta with house bread. Hits so damn hard 👌 enjoy!

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