1. I agree. Whatever though. I am more vexed about Kagura dying. She should have lived. She didn't deserve that tragic end.

  2. Kagura Should've ended up with sesshomaru both were perfect match

  3. License issue,even on Netflix it's that same for many episodes

  4. First 2 episodes felt rushed, especially kagura's death.Maybe they should've increased episode limit by atleast 2-4 episodes.Still the entire final act was great!

  5. The entire yashahime series itself is meaningless.They should've just let inuyasha be as it is.

  6. Watch all episodes I am watching for the 2nd time and still never skipped even a single episode It's really watchable and fun

  7. There are articles of google which will give you a correct order

  8. Aah im in my 2nd rewatch and coincidently im on the izumo episode

  9. Buy it this way we can show our support and maybe they will bring back yashahime

  10. Watched it just 2 days ago during rewatch,touching

  11. My vote would be for Inuyasha episode 1. By the time you reach Yashahime it'll feel fresh again.

  12. I have already watched the final act twice,shall i watch it again during rewatch or skip to yashahime after inuyasha s6?

  13. Going in order would be the way to go if you're doing a rewatch. Its the first series, the Final Act and then Yashahime.

  14. Most of my favorite stuff involved Moroha. The entire reunion between her and her parents was great.

  15. They were really going to do more seasons?do you have the link of the interview

  16. That's okay but has anybody thought who's rion's mother???

  17. This is totally head canon but Im winging it. Midoriko

  18. Since we won't be having any new episodes of yashahime, I guess we will never know

  19. I was casually going through channels when i found animax (india) and inuyasha the final act was playing.I watched few minutes and found ut interesting so i watched the remaining few episodes.Then recently when Netflix india brought inuyasha entire series back in march end,it popper up in ny recommendation so i watched the entire thint including yashahime

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