1. Really really late to responding to this but it ended up going with your comment, haven’t been able to watch it yet but will get to it soon, really excited to watch it

  2. I noticed last night that Chasing Amy is listed as out of stock not OOP. And wondered the same. I had it listed on my spreadsheet as OOP.

  3. Intresting, also just saw white dog says out of stock instead of currently unavailable like it was for a while

  4. I would love to see roadhouse, it’s THE action movie of the 80’s, but vinegar syndrome’s version is insanely good and I don’t think it can be topped in any way.

  5. Dillinger is dead, ikiru, Hausu, the house of the devil, Frownland

  6. Any expositional reason for your recommendations?

  7. Dillinger is dead is a strange piece of arthouse that’s hard to explain, it’s an extremely surreal experience from beginning to end.

  8. Man Who Fell to Earth is rumored to come out in 4k in march...from who I don't know but it seems like it's happening

  9. Studiocanal has the 4k set for a February release (needs to be imported, and the blu will be reigion b), and criterion works with them often, so I can see studiocanal giving criterion man who fell rights to criterion for a reigion a release

  10. If I keep guessing I'm Thinking of Ending Things and a Bresson box set, they'll happen eventually, right?

  11. If a breeson box happens and it contains the devil, probably I will get it on the devil, probably alone.

  12. Frownland, daddy longlegs, daisies, repo man, the royal tenenbaums, and it’s a bigger rec but Bruce lee set

  13. I can wholeheartedly see an Armageddon 4k happening eventually, it’s big, it would probably look amazing on 4k, and it would sell extremely well

  14. $35 for criterion Monterey pop set so far, but that’s soon going to be bested by that criterion haneke set….and then that criterion Bruce lee set…and then the arrow shawscope sets…. And then wherever life and this hobby takes me from there

  15. You prob won’t need to soon just for Chungking, Janus has the rights so it’s inevitable for a re-release.

  16. Head is so good, it really needs a nice 4k transfer and a stand-alone blu, it doesn’t even need to be criterion who drops it, arrow, vinegar syndrome, shout, Severin, anybody really, head needs to Definelty be seen by more people and the fact that the only way you can get it is through a (albeit very worth it and cheap for the quality you get from 5 of the films in the set) boxset.

  17. Repo man, the flight of the Phoenix, uncut gems, Frownland, daisies, citizen Kane, grey gardens and the royal tenenbaums

  18. Eternal sunshine 4K from kino and Frownland blu from criterion

  19. Nice stuff, just watched old joy for the first time yesterday and it was insanely good

  20. Ended up getting Frownland and daisies which I’ve been wanting, and the flight of the phoenix as a blind buy

  21. Would like to see a boy named Charlie Brown (Current blu ray is bad, and would definitely benefit from a nice 4k transfer, and the current blu ray has no extras at all either which really sucks to see) and South Park bigger longer and uncut (it’s pretty good, just special features are insanely dull and there’s so much that can be put into just the special features, also would be nice to see a 4k transfer of it as that would probably look amazing, especially on a 4k UHD disc)

  22. Frownland, grey gardens, three colors, f for fake, the in laws

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