1. While KTK is remembered fondly for containing fetches, the limited formats were poor. Very very poor.

  2. While I think that's fine for many it's not for me. I know myself and indulging will be problematic for me. I think it's time to just stop.

  3. If you’re truly that addicted then arguably they’ve done you a favour by making you aware of it.

  4. But again, my original post had nothing to do with the BoA stuff. I honestly don't know why you brought it up, but you seem to be acting like it's some sort of "gotcha", when I'm not even talking about it.

  5. It matters only that it’s legal in their country, not your jurisdiction

  6. Also this is an ‘extra’ for spending money on other stuff, it’s not an auction for the tokens

  7. I see yeah it is probs not worth it right now to do the open. How about the normal event though with 4k gold entrance?

  8. Oh, I didn’t realise normal cube was up. Hmm... if you’re a complete beginner I think it would probably just be confusing and frustrating. But it’s possible you’d enjoy it too- I guess it depends on how much you enjoy being thrown into an extremely deep end that involves reading lots and lots of text.

  9. The Open is a special event with a special entry fee... so no, I wouldn’t go for that. Even normal Cube is difficult. If you want to learn to draft, I’d definitely start with Quick Draft.

  10. I don’t know if this was the problem, but ‘send me the cards and I’ll do it’ seems a wacky way to do business... how would he know how many to expect?

  11. You can see how good you are when / if you get to Mythic- it’ll show either your ranking among the top players, or a percentage that indicates how close you are to being ranked (Eg 90% = better than 90% of Arena players)

  12. There are a lot of meta decks but you can exercise your deck building muscles by playing Limited- Draft and Sealed. Those modes aren’t uncompetitive, though- if you want to do well you still need to know how the meta works for each set, which are the best deck types and cards. But because you build the deck yourself based on the cards you see, it’s never as simple as copying a list exactly- many decks are broadly similar, but few if any will be identical.

  13. I use "oops" to make it look like I screwed up by attacking with a creature that would typically die to a defending or something. It more often than not gets the opponent to believe it was a genuine mistake instead of a feint. They feel confident enough to block just long enough for me to play my instant.

  14. Or they could be seeing your obvious ploy and deciding to block anyway. Often losing a blocker to make your opponent spend mana and a card is a fine trade.

  15. so functionally the same effect as playing a removal spell with a 50/50 chance that I just deal combat dmg instead?

  16. Well, I’d say a lot more like a ‘sacrifice a creature’ spell that gives the opponent the choice of taking damage instead...

  17. Ah, but I've tried it multiple times on both PC and mobile 😞. Is there a way to skip it and go into multiplayer?


  19. Really? I haven’t been able to play much but I’ve been enjoying it. It’s not DMU or NEO, but it’s not Streets either. And I wouldn’t even recommend people skip Streets. Draft is fun! And new sets are fun, even if the fun quickly fades...

  20. trust me I love draft and would play 5 drafts a day if I could. but when its open the bombs or bust I'm out. played the shit out of neo and dmu but skipped snc completely and i'm done with this one

  21. Hmmm. Again, very limited experience, and obviously the bombs are very strong, but I think the aggro decks in this format can go fast enough to take them down. The removal also seems really strong, eg there are multiple ways to deal with a Wurmcoil Engine.

  22. I’m not great and haven’t had much experience with this set, but from a quick look I noticed you passing a lot of fixing (Evolving Wilds and Refractor) that might have helped. Your deck also has four Mightstone’s Animation, but I’m not sure you have enough early artifacts to use that many effectively.

  23. You concede a few hundred games to get a super low MMR then you beat up beginners until you are Mythic. The MMR doesn't catch up as fast as you climb ranks and as you can not drop tiers you can even tank your MMR again without dropping after climbing a tier

  24. I’m surprised enough players would be conceding hundreds of games in a row for this to be a problem. But then again, Arena does seem to incentivise some extremely weird behaviour...

  25. Hmmm... I’m not great and have little experience with this set, but I’d say Bolt is clearly the best card available. Your black-red start doesn’t look amazing to me though, while Teferi is amazing, so I’d be open to going blue if good cards keep coming. Black-blue most likely, but I think you could even potentially end up blue-red from here...

  26. Hmmmm, not sure about giving an A to a card which isn’t quite an ‘answer this or die’ game-winning bomb. IIRC on Limited Resources cards that are ridiculously good value but not game-ending get A- at the highest. Could be wrong, though!

  27. Secret Lairs are literally just cosmetics found in video games but in real life.

  28. Good point. But they’re also presumably a response to a conversation like this:

  29. You could do a survey to find out (in a thoroughly unscientific way, but still...)

  30. Yes, although thanks to WotCs money grubbing there are some Jumpstart products that you should avoid like the plague.

  31. I just looked up the set Jumpstart packs and it’s ridiculous that they sell them in boxes of 18. You’d end up with so many duplicate packs!

  32. I do think it's pretty stingy to drop the number of packs, but the target audience of jumpstart likely aren't buying boxes.

  33. It’s not that I think there are too few packs in the box- there are too many! The set-specific Jumpstarts only have ten different decks, and the second five seem to be only slightly different from the first, so anyone who does buy a box is going to be pretty disappointed- there’s nothing like the variety of normal Jumpstart.

  34. At the risk of stating the extremely obvious... have you tried Google?

  35. Why don’t they call them Ethan and Ben given they call themselves Ethan and Ben on the actual LoL show

  36. Ha, yeah... my guess is maybe those are the names that appear on the screen when they’re drafting / playing.

  37. Is leaving the titles off the Lords of Limited a subtle form of smack talk? They’re all ‘Metronome’ and ‘Tupperware’, without a single Mr or Lord...

  38. The match-maker is fixed so you always hover around 50% win rate.

  39. The evidence you have presented for your second claim is truly compelling

  40. I’m not very good, but I use two accounts on Arena and that’s enough for my Premier drafts to pay for themselves when you add in the daily wins / quests gold. I alternate accounts, so whenever I start a draft I have a fresh set of these to complete. The other advantage is I rank up slower- my games are usually in silver, gold and low Platinum.

  41. Gotcha, thanks! Will keep those tips in mind!

  42. Early on I did have to grind some constructed to make up for bad runs, but over time I got better and my reserves of gold / platinum increased until I didn’t need to. You could also pay to shortcut the grinding- the one-off introductory gem offer is better value by far than anything else, and with two accounts you can buy it twice.

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