1. The mamba hands down is the best bounty hunter.

  2. I think we can agree he's better off without vocal cords, though.

  3. Would be easy to replace, I imagine his voice won’t be the same after getting his jaw reattached

  4. It's because of spider-man but my brain instantly goes to jk Simmons and somehow forgets that he is already Omni-man

  5. Wealth may not make people migrate, but lack of water will, and desertification is happening everywhere around the world.

  6. Desertification terrifies me because eventually what are you going to do? It’s like asking someone where they would migrate to on mars

  7. So for the trade, I’d I bought a load of beryllium and took it to the mega ship do I just need to sell it there?

  8. That baby is tiny, how the hell did he even get in there? He doesn't look old enough to walk

  9. I saw another comment saying they were left in the care of a teen who took their eye off them for a moment… and the baby left the apartment, wandered down to the lake and swam to the middle? There’s something fishy about this

  10. There is some instinctual swimming that we know as early infants, but lose not too long after. I see a lot of "This is suspicious" below, and would just say not to go judging a situation you know very little about and that stranger things have happened.

  11. Sir that baby looks like it can’t even walk how’s it going to get out of an apartment and go over to a lake in just a moment…

  12. We've induced the 6th mass extinction. There is no historical parallel for what is coming. Believing you can go back to living off the land is kind of like believing in heaven: comforting.

  13. There is a historical parallel though… remember what happened to the dinosaurs after their mass extinction 😂😭

  14. That's why I typically don't buy consoles. They're just going to be outdated in a couple years so if you just live on a 5 year delay on video games you get to know the kind of library the system will have. You can get the games cheaper and you get to experience the increase in technology like everyone else so you can enjoy the older entries in a series without getting spoiled by the improved visuals and controls of the newer entries. I mean I'm totally doing this voluntarily and not because I am in a massive amount of debt and have no time to play games and I'm just trying to catch up on my backlog even though I know that by the time I'm ready to play the game after cooking and bathing I'll have to choose between sleep and playing a game for an hour before the depression hits because games aren't fun when you have responsibilities that your ignoring.

  15. Legit though, the steam deck is the way forward even with this mentality.

  16. Yeah, now that you mention it; is what Sellen does with her.. essence in the Primal Glintstone, similar in any way to what Ranni did to put herself into a doll?

  17. Not really, Sellen may be able to do that because of what Ranni did, but they aren’t one in the same. Sellen essentially chooses a new body to “live” in, making that her body and soul.

  18. I think he secretly hates the fact he can't be jacked, and that's why he is always in the suit, to not remind himself.

  19. SO again, like the person before me said. Shooting in the legs isn't less lethal at all infact it can actually be one of the faster ways to die, you have some big arteries in there

  20. You are more likely to survive one in the leg that 8 in the chest, it’s that simple

  21. It’s true not all cops are very smart, but what do you expect? They only need a high school diploma and about 6 months of training…. It’s about the same criteria for roofers and drywallers

  22. Which is why American police need reforming, most of Europe needs a bachelors degree or years of training

  23. why would you avoid farming on a first playthrough? that's ridiculous

  24. To play the game how it’s meant to be played, you literally don’t need to farm at all

  25. that's the beauty of this game--there is no "meant to be played," the way the game is "meant" to be played is however the player chooses. so for you, you choose to play it without gaining extra levels to be stronger and have an easier time with the bosses, which is great for you, but most people that are beginning, it would be better to be at least slightly "overleveled" (I use quotation marks because the level suggestions are weird and even being 20 levels higher than the recommended level can still be a difficult fight). in addition to becoming stronger, it's also advantageous to farm so that you can reach stat requirements for a weapon, or get money to buy things, not to mention just having a few points to spend on your stats is always useful. to say that someone shouldn't farm is ludicrous, not only because there's literally no reason to partake in the many benefits of having more levels/runes, but also because you're telling others how you think the game should be played, rather than simply informing them of how you play the game.

  26. No but there’s literally no need to farm, the game throws runes at you like it’s raining, I feel “overleveled” when I don’t farm.

  27. They were manipulated by Russia and far right forces. Coming back and being welcomed back to the EU would be a very big validation for the EU existing in the first place.

  28. Not only that, but Russian influence at the time was making other countries and parts of countries want to leave, once seeing how bad it was for the UK, they all saw sense.

  29. there was a clear difference between the states of the uk down to the border tho

  30. And there was a clear difference between areas in the UK,, not only that, it was 52%…. Literally only just over half the people in the country.

  31. What happens when you come up behind them, go to put them in a hold and they have half a free arm, a knife and a will to stab the fuck out of you…

  32. The train analogy works but you can’t jump off, you’ve got to stop the train, you get to the front to see how you can help and you find about 10 people trying to make the train go faster

  33. I remember doing a Dragon Cultist build with the Bolt of Gransax, really fun and versatile build! The damage was a little bad though because of the insane stat investments of the Bolt so I ended up having to scrap it :(

  34. Dragon cultist with dragon seal and river of blood, both scale high off arcane so pump that and then dex and faith a bit… literally so much damage and has spells for any encounter

  35. godfrey wouldnt want that tho, the whole point of why he came back is because he wants a worthy foe to battle against

  36. That and he is tarnished so Gideons little mind would explode when he finds out a tarnished already became Elden lord

  37. Being able to see incredibly distant areas that you’ll eventually make it to is one of the things I love most about this game. The obvious one being the Erdtree which you can literally see the entire game, but you can also see the Forge of the Giants the moment you exit the starting area. Stormveil Castle is also relatively visible from most of Limgrave, and Raya Lucaria is visible the moment you enter Liurnia and can be seen from almost everywhere in the region. Even Leyndell is visible from parts of Limgrave and most of Liurnia. And of course you have the Haligtree here. Just a really cool game design choice that I love. Fallout New Vegas did this too with the Lucky 38 and the lights of Vegas being visible almost everywhere in the Mojave. Unsurprisingly that is also a great game

  38. It’s what I like most about FS games, they don’t have a sky box, everything you see is something you can visit, way back in The DS1 games you could see areas in the game that looked like background scenery and then way later you’d be in that area exploring

  39. Workers aren’t getting paid enough -> workers strike -> essential services disrupted -> sack workers -> angry population and service disruption still…

  40. What people don't talk about is how slavery was as much an issue of classism as it was a matter of racism.

  41. American slavery was largely a racist slavery and it’s the most commonly known so everyone assumes slavery was racist.

  42. If you don’t vote Tory when your parents die you’ll be more charitable… and this is meant to be some sort of take?

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