1. Hey. I just verified my account as 13 on roblox but it shows no voice chat switch. Any help? Feel free to ask me to clarify. Yes I verified phone and email and enabled 2FA.

  2. no voice chat switch? do you mean in settings or ingame?

  3. I low-key completed all of undertale true Pacifist ending without persmission at school. I remember having an all nighter finishing an assessment I barely started then getting Boren and chilling on undertale for 3 hours til Photoshop flowery and when I saw that I was like yep that's enough undertale for one day.

  4. Oh and yes, when I played games sometimes I rage. I don't swear, but if I did, I wish have screamed the f word at maximum capacity.

  5. Oh. You were joking. I wasn't scared, I was just weirded out. The scam was way too obvious.

  6. Just so everyone is in the loop as to why this was changed to begin with: When we revamped the CSS, these icons conflicted horribly with it so we changed them to the arrows from the time capsule website.

  7. Actually, just get the Valve Complete Pack, it’s like $7 when on sale

  8. Lol I remember the Black friday sale. I got half my games from that! And it's 6.50 AUD. So less than 5 usd.

  9. Oh no I heard this song and I've no joke been seeing it in countless videos I've been watching. Help me.

  10. Do the magic attack and just write 7 after so !magic 7 would be what you want

  11. Nah the whole system got reworked it’s a learning curve for everyone especially with 3 different attack types and a large quantity of weapons :)

  12. ??? Why was this guy downvoted? He just said that’s his favorite character lol.

  13. I just realised. Wait a sec. Oh. The fourth comment. Goddamit my fault for not keeping an eye out.

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