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  1. Jesus Christ, thats a lot of honey Insert joke about macroing or something

  2. You were wrong, but not to far. I salute you General.

  3. They stated that as long as there is a god of war game kratos will be the main character. I believe they posted it on twitter and during an interview. He may get a spin off but god of war will always be kratos.

  4. I'd love to see him not hold back against someone in the next game, I think that would be cool.

  5. The next head on a rope would be written by the same people, so it could be just as charming.

  6. i think onett was looking the other way when this happened

  7. how to make the br map the embodiment of chaos, literally, this would be really fun

  8. It would be quite fun, then nothing would be OP

  9. Be open to learning, this is the only way to truly be smart.

  10. Pls add "terraria tips and tricks" to the end of that search query

  11. Might I tell you of the Depleted Uranium comment?

  12. Someone asked what made it glow and someone replied "Depleted Uranium"

  13. That backfired for them then. No way in hell am I buying tiers, but I was thinking of buying STW. Guess I won't.

  14. Yep, woman are lazy. Man will go to any lengths to get laid.

  15. Definitely worse. While Chapter 3 did bring sprinting, mantling, sliding, and zero build, Chapter 2 brought fun POIs, new characters, story, original cosmetics and items, and drivable vehicles. Chapter 3 wasn't bad, but wasn't as good as it's predecessor.

  16. The carry weight or the 2 masks? Both are weird af

  17. "I love you" makes my heart absolutely melt. It could be because I didn't receive much love as a child, but idk. I love when she says it none the less.

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