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  1. Yeah, and the 'top of the pyramid' mindset also makes the vast majority so self-conscious that they're self-conscious and anxious people who ironically self-sabotage constantly.

  2. I think the interesting thing is the construction sector has been increasing, that's extremely bullish. I think we can basically manufacture an economic boom by building lots more homes.

  3. Odd because my old employer built power tools for professional builders and sales have fallen off a cliff over there.

  4. My old coworker runs a civic drag car in the 9s. He says it's pretty easy to beat the muscle cars because they don't bounce off the rev limiter at the line waiting for the tree the way he can. I have no idea what he's able to do that they can't.

  5. They haven't been trained on it's operation and user-level maintenance, and there probably isn't enough control commonality to just hop from a modernized 72 into a 14 and head directly into a combat environment without major issues.

  6. Modernized t-72 is essentially similar to t-90 (which is in fact a modernized t-72 design). T-90 has a new turret but the differences are not big.

  7. I’m 32 and I just can’t tell what is going on with the younger generation anymore. Do whatever the fuck you want, I don’t care. It makes no difference to me. I do wonder if when I was in HS,a lot of kids wanted to dress and look like that, but didn’t due to social pressures, or if social pressures are making HS kids now want to look/dress androgynously. It seems like it is “cool” to be intentionally androgynous now.

  8. Gen Z just simply doesn't give a fuck. They have a level of acceptance for difference that is a step change from us Millennials.

  9. so out of all of the things they could have called him, like rapist, human trafficker, whatever you call the leader of a pyramid scheme, they chose carbrain? him owning cars is worse than all that? thats what they focus on?

  10. Andrew Tate's favorite car is a 2009 Lada. He prefers 14 year old eastern European models.

  11. Russian hackers have tried to fully shut down Estonian internet before. It's not like Russia was ever not a shitheel to them. Nothing lost.

  12. The US has invaded or supported coups in dozens of countries, it has never respected the sovereignty if any of them. Ask anyone who in a Latin America country that has elected a socialist government how much they respected their sovereignty when the US had their government overthrown.

  13. US history is ugly and nothing can wipe that away. But the US has also done unambiguous good in the world, and this is one of those times.

  14. The US doesn't give a fuck about the sovereignty of other nations and never has. This is all about destroying Russia as they see it as a rival. Doing so would destabilise the whole of Europe, just as the US has destabalised the middle east. Plus there's a risk of nuclear war if the escalations continue.

  15. Ah yes, carve up Ukraine and reward Russian aggression. There's definitely nothing bad that will come from that. The US is clearly evil, Russia is misunderstood, and those pesky sanctions have really delayed your paycheck. Time to be friends.

  16. At the end of the day, employment is a business transaction. Don’t ever believe this “we’re all family here” BS. You are there to make money, and so are they. That’s it.

  17. Coders have a skill that is in such high demand that they've never had to think about job security. And a big chunk of them have never had to develop any other marketable skills positive personality traits either.

  18. We bought a frame TV for that reason. It's not perfect, but at least it's never a big black box. The art is a huge improvement.

  19. RIP legend. It's great to be alive, but maybe a little less so this somber morning.

  20. On air I always thought he had a hell of a vocabulary so this is funny to read

  21. I was making one of those toy foxes that were popular on here for a while. After hand sawing the legs and tail and shaping with a sander, I wanted to go a bit quicker. I made 1/4 templates for the body pieces and screwed them to the mahogany blanks.

  22. I buy new records. I inherited my mom's setup and collection. I cleaned up the stereo but have barely scratched the surface of cleaning up the records (they need it), so in the meantime we've gone a bit crazy with new records. Since Christmas we've purchased 17 albums. Only 6 or so were used.

  23. Considering how many dudes ride Andrew Tates dick, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  24. That's kind of Gen - X's thing. Apathy. Their whole ethos can be summed up as "meh. Whatever."

  25. Instead of 'This American Life,' Ira Glass originally wanted to call his show 'This American Whatever,' and still thinks it's a good title.

  26. Reading through this news article, pulled the following out: "I've met with scientists, some of the top people in the world, that tell me that we have extraterrestrial craft in our airspace on a regular basis,” Burchett added."

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