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  1. You have an anxiety disorder? Just, don't!

  2. What's fun in doing nothing all the time? Being friendly should be a challenge of surviving against any odds, otherwise it's boring

  3. /uc who is the guy in asks you if you have a prnis ot vagina above ziegler i genuinely dont recognise him

  4. This dude straight up got out of bed one morning and went "yes, this outfit where I carry a massive, heavy brick wall around my torso and cannot use my arms is the most efficient way to do crime"

  5. It's not an outfit, he became like this after a bunch of bricks fell on him. smh imagine not knowing Wall lore

  6. The audience keeps shouting "Free bird" which annoys Bowie and drives him to viciously insult the audience for an hour. He finally gives in and plays Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird. The guitar solo lasts 30 minutes

  7. Station to Station Episode 3: Revenge of the Thin White Duke

  8. Honestly I would pick Mark. Depending on the situation he would either be decent at his regular 9-5 job or I'd see him comically fulfill the duties of a fairy princess

  9. What about diffusion? They skipped basic physics smh

  10. Niezgoda is of Polish origin, it is literally a town and a lake in Poland. Technocracy is an idea that came from the end of the 19th century

  11. I meant there are two villages called that. Unless you made up another one...

  12. Pretty funny tbh. I like the detail on the dog's dress

  13. Chainsaw man taught them how to fly high to reach their dreams. The dream in question is touching boobs

  14. Wouldn't there be more sodomy if you made everyone homosexual? Or is that achievement incompatible?

  15. It'd certainly make doing anything in the game harder, no more seducing anyone of the opposite gender or people having kids.

  16. Do married couples not have kids regardless of sexuality?

  17. The crest can be placed on top of a torse, it doesn't have to be on a crowned helmet

  18. The taxes devil - stuck in an eternal fight with the death devil

  19. I wanted to complain how a country promoting "peace and democracy" wouldn't use atom bombs in a war... Then I remembered which country did it IRL.

  20. You fool, this isn't even the lowest subdivision!

  21. I like how in the first one he straight up admitted his parents don't love him

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