1. Simple, one could make a god like entity that has either omnipotence or something similar, and then make an absurdist comedy where you can go over the top with feats and statements. Get some funny people on it and we can take goku to the cleaners

  2. I’d say butcher and Hughie are the protagonists, butcher has more development (imo) and a stronger tie to the main plot, while hughie is the stand in for normal people and the one who started the show. On paper I guess Hughie is THE protagonist, but I think butchers presence is too strong for him to be a side character.

  3. This picture is very oversaturated, the snake is not actually this vibrant.

  4. Assuming the super sayains are from the same time period, he loses 1 and 3 but could probably beat trunks.

  5. There are 27000 to 47000 opponents only counting spotted hyenas, so it’s difficult for our five guys. If they’re just going around picking fights with clans, they might be able to do it over the course of a few months or years.

  6. Current goku, no. In both the anime and manga he has resistance to time Hax so the time stopper would never stop him.

  7. Gohan should win pretty comfortably with rage boosts, even making third form Frieza sweat is far above anything first form can do. In fact, it may even be a one shot.

  8. I tried asking for you but he said that was beyond his power. Porunga said he can only accommodate one person.

  9. That’s because the dragons are my hoes, they can’t affect someone who’s power dwarfs their own.

  10. I agree with you on a basic level, people blindly typing out “cUmmbat SpeEd isN”T TRaveeL sPEEd” for anyone with impressive travel speed feats or the opposite is hella annoying. Like Omni man for instance, he can fly to other galaxies in a week but for some reason people think he gets blitzed by metro man for that reason. What people don’t understand is that (besides it being stated that omni man’s reactions are equal to his travel speed) is that unless there’s a specific reason (such as stamina or a specific power) or on screen evidence it’s safer to assume that there isn’t a huge gap between travel and combat speeds.

  11. Do the dragons count? If so super shenron sweeps.

  12. If we’re going by what toriyama says, then raditz still has a slight stat advantage over yamcha, but yamcha probably has a skill advantage.

  13. Hard to say but probably yamcha, he still knows about raditz’s tail and can abuse that until raditz is dead

  14. If they were allowed to wreck the planet they could vaporize him by flying by really fast, but under these circumstances no.

  15. You have forgotten about a big problem. Phoenix man resurrecting anyone who dies.

  16. That would be a problem, yes, but only if they have a body left behind, they can’t resurrect by themselves, and they were a relevant threat to the viltrumites to begin with.

  17. Haha, ya i would take anything in the game with a grain of salt. But I do seem to hear that animal serum thing pop up from time to time when people talk about old DB to now a days. So i don't know. Not sure how to feel about the theory really lol.

  18. Yeah it’s definitely weird. A lot of the game’s additions don’t really make any sense when you look at the actual manga, like this and the piccolo moon thing

  19. Ya, I always just looked at it like a quick retelling of the story with minor things thrown in. Never to be taken too seriously. Fun game, and that's that, you know? lol

  20. I’m not talking about the weapon, I’m talking about the actual light itself, it consistently moves with him in the flash back

  21. Many feats are preposterous, because many authors are more concerned with making their characters look cool then with the laws of physics, hence why many characters in fiction can go FTL. If you wanna debunk it you’ll need something else

  22. For round 1, I give it to the tits. The boobies are much larger and their beaks could potentially oneshot, however the tits have greater numbers, a 6:1 ratio with 2 left over. Honestly I don’t think most birds have the weaponry or air stability to deal with a small army of other birds, there’s a reason that hawks can get mobbed by aggressive song birds and crows.

  23. Thank you for the detailed response! Woody Woodpecker as I recall is bigger than your average woodpecker, but smaller than a human. I’d say he’s a somewhere between average waist and knee-height.

  24. Well if he can get and hold a gun, then he takes it mid-low diff

  25. Yes that doesn’t make you transcend something via breaking it. Look at the Vs battle wiki tiers

  26. VS battle wiki is not the most reliable source ever, and I don’t know any method of transcending space time that hasn’t been done in dragon ball.

  27. Again it’s wank wym. And I’m talking about the tier system not the actual wiki itself

  28. Except when they LITERALLY SAY, than Dyspo can only surpass Light speed using Light Bullet or his maximum power... So there's that.

  29. I’ve already explained why that doesn’t contradict the pre established scaling, and I’ve given counter examples.

  30. You don't go to a universal tournament and say "bro, look at that, he can go faster than light, that's so cool".

  31. There are tons of statements like that in db. Like freeza saying he can destroy planets when facing toppo, krillin saying he can go faster than a jet, that one dragon dude saying his skin is harder than iron, etc. these are just statements that the characters think sound impressive, but we know that all of them scale way higher in actuality. These throwaway statements don’t actually contradict the actual near lightspeed feats in early Z and DB.

  32. Since it’s the manga and not the anime, then beerus slaps pretty hard. For now at least.

  33. A top tier dragon from OPM could do it provided the MHA heroes do not know it’s name, and the dragon takes the time to research the top tiers.

  34. This all depends on how homelander is going to react if light lies. If he’s killing light immediately then light stands little chance, unless he can somehow figure out that homelander can tell he’s lying before they start. I could see light winning easily if he knows, homelander may find him suspicious but light is smart enough to come up with half truths or lie by omission. However both of their egos are a significant disadvantage for light, because the harder light pushes and the harder homelander is pushed, the more chance light gets lasered, and even if he had the note he’s not fast enough to write homelanders name down before he dies.

  35. An interview environment can be said to be a more neutral environment so homelanders not coming into the interview in a killing mood and as for prior knowledge light would know to stroke his ego but the extent his ego would allow him to be pushed down by homelander is definitely the limiting factor for light here besides the lie detector catching him out on any bs or deception although if the situation turned into the two stroking their egos simultaneously and both exposing themselves for the murderers they are who do you think would be more afraid and taken aback by the other?

  36. If he’s not coming in a killing mood then light stands a much better chance. At this point, it depends on 3 things:

  37. In 1 and 2, Omni man gets atomized, his only option is to dodge

  38. Raditz could 1v1 a viltrumite or other physical top tiers depending on the scenario, he has way more power but their max speed is much higher. That said they won’t use it on a planet in character(they can, but they don’t to avoid hurting the planet) the whole army of 50 viltrimites is probably too much for raditz, that many opponents with higher speed, skill, and endurance doesn’t bode well for him.

  39. Multi-continental and Moon level are the same:

  40. The whole “the attack piccolo used to destroy the moon wasn’t the makankosappo so raditz dodging it isn’t impressive” falls apart when you realize that the casual unnamed attack that blew up the moon was likely much weaker than the SPC, since the latter is a ki amplifier way beyond piccolos limits and the former is a casual ki blast.

  41. Super Roshi is even stronger and cam still do that sort of thing tho?

  42. My point is, og roshi blocked bullets, super roshi is stronger than oh roshi, so we shouldn’t apply super roshi scaling to og roshi to downplay raditz

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