1. I’ve never done it and will never do it but people say it takes the “gamy” flavor out of meat. I’ve been eating venison all my life and I still don’t know what “gamy” flavor people taste in a whitetail. I’ve heard people soaking meat in milk and some people use saltwater.

  2. I've eaten mule deer and it tastes gamey. I've eaten whitetail and it is never gamey. People say whitetail is gamey and I am convinced they don't understand what gamey means.

  3. Thank you! Added a bit before and bit after cause the hollandaise was too good.

  4. Figured the heat would cook the eggs out of the hollandaise if you added it before. Great job man. Wish I could have eaten a slice or 4

  5. Ok. If it's dry it'll fall apart, which is why I asked. 80/20 is fine and shouldn't cause the falling apart. Many people custom grind. I like 70/30 for burgers because they're juicier, but ymmv.

  6. 70/30? My local butcher advertises ground beef as 73/27, chuck as 80/20, and round as 85/15. How do you obtain 70/30?

  7. Just what my guy sells. 73/27 is what I would buy from your guy. As is said in other comments, do not work the meat if you dont have to. I go straight burger, only handle it as much as I have to in order to form a good patty. I salt and pepper aggressively right before grilling. That's it. Fantastic burger.

  8. Good for you my man. Im struggling for something like this. Happy you found one.

  9. Hes the batman I grew up with, and the measuring stick for live action batman for me.

  10. You need to drop the definite article in your second sentence. There isn’t a single problem here. You are completely correct, we have a culture of violence and lack of accountability. However, we have troves of data to show that places with looser gun laws and more guns almost always have more gun violence.

  11. Data that shows places with looser gun laws have more gun violence? I am genuinely curious to see this data. It seems places like Chicago, with the tightest gun laws around, have more gun violence than most any place in America, but im open to any actual data you've got that might change my mind. Do you have any links or references I might be able to review? It is so hard to sort fact from fiction on this topic, but I haven't been able to find any "troves of data," which would really help me out.

  12. Sure! Lemme look into that. I do feel like I need to define “places” better, because I meant it in a pretty vague way. I was thinking in terms of states or countries, but you’re absolutely right that a lot of big cities have far too much gun violence despite strict laws.

  13. It's an interesting chart. Looking at several years. I'm curious as to what the data it is looking at and why it says "age adjusted death rates." In going to try to find out how the data was collected and what all is considered. Certainly we are looking for information regarding violence against others and not other deaths (suicide, accident, etc.) for purposes of this discussion, but I would guess those numbers wouldn't be too terribly high. I am also going to be looking for some data displayed in this type of chart but county by county instead of state by state to get more detailed info. If I find anything good, I'll send it over. Feel free to DM anything else you find if you'd like, as I'm interested in reviewing it.

  14. Guy. This pizza looks good. If it ain't your thing, I understand, but taco pizza is excellent and this one is well executed. No need to be a douche about it. Even if you think olives are an absurd choice.

  15. It's interesting that I will never understand this meme, despite spending many hours on this game, simply because I play on console.

  16. Fully agree. The only correct response is one where you suggest you'll work on the bio to get a few more in there.

  17. For the nearly 4 years I've been changing water this way, I've had zero issues.

  18. When filling, how do you match temperature to your tank to avoid harming the fish?

  19. Ah good question. I usually just feel with my hand to try to get in the ballpark before filling. Then once the water starts entering the tank, I stick my floating thermometer in the flow and change the temperature accordingly. For a 125 gallon tank, a couple of degrees difference doesn't seem to bother my fish.

  20. Do you know how much time that will take and how boring that is. The sdus are really expensive and you need to do like 4 trials for one upgrade. And by help i mean as you join me. My mate ask for help and someone joined him and gave him lots of gold to buy all of the sdus.

  21. A shit thing to do is let your dog run on other people's property . I dont want to kill the dog because he doesn't know better, but the owner certainly does. First time the owner gets a warning. The second time, he doesn't.

  22. Are we just not going to acknowledge the beautiful derp in photo #1???

  23. Just here to say that I am very happy for you. What a great opportunity you've created for you and your wife.

  24. Also, per the Bologna. You want a whole “chub” or at least a chunk that weighs a few pounds. We aren’t out here just smoking slices of Bologna.

  25. If you have a local butcher, ask if they will bring it in. Most purveyors have it available. Ben E Keith is my purveyor and they have a number of options. Go with all meat, not all beef, it’s slutty meat, let it be slutty.

  26. Haha. I'll ask for slutty bologna. If I get some and smoke it I'll report back.

  27. See this post about 4x a week. Scroll down on the sub. Just tired of seeing it. Hope you're having a good day though, guy

  28. The idea is that the butter mutes the beef. You can finish beef with butter during the sear, but not cook in it the whole time. Im not sure myself, this is just the argument. Someone will come on here with a cite and make their argument.

  29. I mean, it’s pretty much the only thing you can do in this game, so if it is not worth it, is it worth playing this game at all?

  30. I think its ok to play for fun. I just enjoy getting on with my xbox buddy and doing some runs. I'm at 56 and I go up a level about once a week.

  31. I started with brrzerker and melee. Second time through I picked blightcaller and am using a DOT build using guns, spells, and bog totem. It is fun. You can do melee if you want jbut i dont melee much. I've enjoyed it more than the brrzerker truth be told.

  32. Isn't there a new class or 2 with the dlc?

  33. There's the new class, which is pretty fun, plus a bunch of new loot items that help with some excellent builds for the new character and also old characters. The DLC isn't great to play through, but that's a matter of personal preference. It does add some variety

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