If you quit your job before MOASS it becomes easier for SHFs to manipulate you into paper handing. DON'T QUIT YOUR JOBS YET.

I'm in this with you.

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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  1. Reminder of the investigation statement still included in the current GME 10Q

  2. I'm with you but even if the theories aren't true we dealt with it pretty well. This is what i mean.

  3. Meme about how we overcame negative DRS numbers in record time

  4. Remember when gme had negative beta? Pepperidge farmer remembers

  5. Right, whatever happened to that? That's why i don't want to hear shit from TA people.

  6. Overall market is down, possibly related to GME and lack of liquidity for SHFs

  7. Isn’t this situation more like the reversed trades on a special metal (I think it was Nickel) than to railroads situation? Since those trades were reversed I asked myself this question.

  8. Let's just be clear that rail workers can go find a new job. There is no forced labor.

  9. Find a new job and lose their pentions and healthcare, among other benefits. I hope mod would debunk garbage commenters like you.

  10. Speculation about the identity of GameStop's MVB partner in CyberCrew's Road trip NFT today.

  11. CyberCrew has a GME chart in one of the images posted to their discord.

  12. which tab on the discord? i cant find the raw image and want to look at the math

  13. This post is a meme speculating about RC's pattern of news releases for this week.

  14. People(bots, shills) are pounding you down, but yeah, I agree with you. So what if Apple does it periodically... if they do it when something big happens.

  15. Yeah, even if I'm wrong i don't understand the amount of downvotes πŸ‚πŸš€

  16. Damn, let's hope you are on the wrong side of that assumption again. But if you are correct I'm still bullish.

  17. This post relates to, RC's new project and presumably related to GameStop's incursion into baby merchandise.


  19. 1247 here. First order didn't go through because of a PayPal error.

  20. Ah yes, a broke man created several highly successful companies out of nothing, revolutionized several industries, and yes 'he fell ass first into it' lmao

  21. Yeah, you are missing a lot of info here buddy. Google is your friend. The Musk family wealth came from his father who made his wealth during apartheid by abusing and exploiting Black South Africans. I'm pretty sure at least 10% of Apes would have done better than him in life if they were born under the same circumstances and we are dumb as fuck.

  22. people keep thinking he's playing 5d chess when it turns out he's actually regarded

  23. Steve Irwin loved animals like a child molester loves children.

  24. What are you implying that some subs are more equal than others? lol

  25. This post is a meme about DRSing GME shares in order to secure your investment.

  26. OMG it's worse than you guys think! The film is about Black people being the real Jewish. So by holding this belief he is saying that he is not antisemitic because they are not the real jewish people. In his mind he is being attacked by the imposters.


  28. So, moderators removed every instance of the NY lawsuit against this idiot but this articles stays up? Ok. Very consistent.

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