1. I really feel like we’ve only played one truly bad game this season and it was last week. We have the break now to get legs back.

  2. Here's an even LESS popular take: maybe a mid-level (or lower) signing in this transfer window, some TAM held over for next year, the team maybe slides down to a lower playoff spot and maybe wins a playoff game. and that's it.

  3. They mean from a talent standpoint only 1 DP has been taking the field. Alex Ring and Cecilio Dominguez are Austin's other 2 DPs. Ring isn't quite the caliber of a traditional DP signing, but was likely a necessary cap decision to keep him on the team. Everyone is fully aware of the Dominguez situation at this point and it's unclear when/if he steps on the pitch for Austin again. Safe to say we are missing that talent void in his absence, though. Not saying it needs to be him on the pitch, but a player of his quality would certainly help.

  4. Well, I'd argue there's probably not many since a good amount of teams currently only have 2 DPs. But due to the Dominguez situation, Ring has been our number 2 DP. Has he been the 2nd best player in the field most weeks? I'm not arguing Ring is a bad player by any means, just that there's currently a talent void on the roster that needs to be filled to take some pressure off Driussi.

  5. If he you are arguing Ring is our "2nd DP," you don't understand the DP rule.

  6. Yes, I guess all the DPs are now tied into contracts for the next season, so obviously making Poch i.e. a TAM player would be a technical thing which can be solved.

  7. This is true (he could be bought down or sold). But I also wouldn't be surprised to see 1 or even 2 of our current DPs also get bought down (or sold) before next season.

  8. It’s the PrimeBlue line they do for one weekend that are made with recycled ocean plastic.

  9. I was at the game, so of course there was no controversy at the stadium (except the time wasting). When I saw all the complaints online I just assumed the MLS ref had been horribly bad on the call (because MLS refs are horribly bad).

  10. not just their fans, but their players and coaches, too. just a bunch of dirty-playing crybabies.

  11. Ceci will be back for sure and will play. People saying he will be offloaded but he has to play something so somebody can be interested.

  12. Nah vato...those Californians are the rich people they can afford these fancy houses next to our old limestone casitas . lol 😆 🤣 😂 practically it's my entire block full of California licenses plates, just a few OG Austinites left hanging on a thread here my guy. But why you buggin my comment you must be from Cali too huh? So yeah no solution to keep og Austinites in Austin. I find a lot of positive on my time...come join me in the construction site jefecito.

  13. imma buy you a ticket to California. Stay there too bro. my family has been here since the 50s, so imma say something. This is the present...we talking bout now big shot. you don't know how it is when people you grew up with and love there neighborhoods can't afford it because this city loves that Cali cash. I gotta grudge mayne. And again I am in construction but we don't build homes, owner is a native Texas from Hutto. You want more info from me... I'm just tired off people running shii like they born here. Get off my jock...

  14. only the 50s? got it. everyone who was here when you got here can stay, but the people who came the next day are carpetbaggers and should leave.

  15. He said the same thing about Sergio attending practice when it was scheduled months in advance. Now, the team securing a contract for their manager is also a conspiracy. Dude needs to put the tinfoil hat away! If we win tomorrow he will say the team paid RSL to lose to distract from Cecilio. Wish Chris could get distracted by some soccer, but that wouldn’t play to his paying base of customers...

  16. I subscribe - happily - i read everything on the site, and I have no idea what you are referring to. At all. There is more soccer coverage there than any other Texas-based site that I know of.

  17. Technically another import, but he is here now. A lot of our academy players are kids we imported from other clubs/states. This homegrown thing is a weird label

  18. where he is from is not the issue with homegrown status. the question is: was he in our academy when he was still young enough to be eligible to play for the U15 team.

  19. Burton who is an Austin youth player is with the US U-17s

  20. i never said that the team would not put him on the field. i simply said that they have options you were not considering as realistic.

  21. The club has no obligation to bench CD. He was cleared by the investigation. The problem is that you, along with all of Los Verdes, have decided that you are all-knowing and know for a fact that CD is guilty of DV. Is he? Probably. Do we know that for sure? No. So for the club to punish CD without actual evidence of wrongdoing is just appeasing an aggressive witch-hunt.

  22. who are you respinding to? every paragraph in this last comment is a response to something i did not say.

  23. While a majority of the things said in the podcast are valued and a great sense of perspective, I think they missed the mark in some cases. Particularly that many fans are drawing the line at police actions and basing opinions off that. Which if you actually read most of the comments, is not true. I would have also liked to have heard takes on the SGs mishandling of the messaging and the shortcomings of that. Along with touching on how it's coming more and more to light that certain members of the SG are treating other members and general fans disrespectfully. (Although that is admittedly a separate issue that I hope is investigated and covered in a future podcast.)

  24. I don't know where you come from but I lived here all my life...if they really listened when we voted more my raza would still be in Austin and not living an 1hr just to be close to home. Politicians don't give fuuu about you but care about the money that's both Adler & Abbot. They want Texas to be the next California...I got a grudge. there's not much I can do but bitch and voice my opinion homie.

  25. i grew up in texas, too. and i teach high school government on your side of town. adler and abbot aren't even remotely on the same side, and i very much doubt they want the same things for austin or for texas. abbott would actually agree with you about california, because he likes texas the way it is - which is to say, he wants to keep his boot on your neck, just like always.

  26. shits gonna get worse with or without abbot. Just saying...I'm down the middle with my ideas but the way things are going in Austin we are doomed. Not sure if my family will be able to stay in our classic 2 story home.

  27. Jesus. What happened to everybody in the world minding their own business? Do I know Cecilio? No. Do you know him? No. Soccer fans should care about what takes place on the pitch. If Cecilio beats or yells at women, then he will get the karma he deserves. If you're an AustinFC soccer fan, then go or tune in to games for the entertainment that it is intended to be. Fans are just All there so called groups of supporters think they are're not important. You are not part of the club. You are just people who bought a Yeti shirt and brought a drum to a game. Get over yourselves.

  28. That's exactly what I'm doing. I don't care who beats who or yells at who. Soccer takes place on the pitch. Not in the stands, not on the streets of Austin. But hey, you can keep arguing online about what Cecilio does off the pitch, since you clearly know him, are buddies with, and his life effects yours.

  29. i haven't said anything about CD. i am just amused that you think telling people how THEY should respond to this situation counts as "minding your own business."

  30. Season ticket holder here. No one in my section knew why the SG went silent. When it was explained to them, it was not well received. The general consensus was the SG group was making it more about themselves than the issue. My, and others' take was, that it was super awkward, went on for too long, and generally distracted from the game and the issue.

  31. When the group is there to generally be rowdy and their unoffical motto is "verde hasta la muerte", going stone quiet is quite the distraction.

  32. so you WANT them to do their thing, because it is important, as long as they do it the way YOU want them to do it, because otherwise they think they are more important than they really are?

  33. Seems we should be proud of our front office and the way they have responded to the entire situation from the start. And the club nor MLS can further discipline the player after the conclusion of the investigation as per the CBA. Fo if LV were to get their way looks like they would have to trade him or not renew his contract or simply not allow him on the pitch, which seems ridiculous since we are paying DP money. Im completely satisfied with how Austin FC have acted in all of this.

  34. Good article, and love seeing our team have this much success in year 2. Since he gets a lot of the flak for losses, it’s only fair he shares in the success for winning

  35. i was just responding to your own comment, hombre. you said "many of us guilty." i assumed you meant what you said.

  36. I think you just came up with the perfect name….”ALLIGATINOS”

  37. IMO he's our 4th best center back. Cascante and Gabrielson are playing great, so I don't see Romana getting on the field soon.

  38. Come to think of it what would be the correct medical term for “got hit on”? I’m stumped.

  39. the money is already spent. they will just shuffle the buckets so that this winds up as extra TAM (which can be carried over beyond this season).

  40. Paywall. Could you summarize? It seems that the MLS is investigating a screaming match, no? At this point there no police involvement at all, so I’m baffled as to why it’s still an “ongoing investigation “…

  41. This needs to be heard by people all over the stadium. I have 4 seats I sell 2 seats to our friends. Sometimes they’re not there or away for a while. We don’t care if people stop and sit we have aisle seats. If someone tells you the seat is taken don’t talk back. If they’re not being used we don’t care. We almost had an altercation because two assholes wanted to argue because our friends left for drinks before half and had not returned by the time the second half started. If it’s not your seat you have absolutely NO entitlement to that seat period. Most people have been awesome. If the seats not being occupied at all we don’t say anything because who cares no one else is there even if technically it’s my damn seat.

  42. Maybe you misunderstood? Or maybe we just strongly disagree. OP is not talking about reserved seating. Yes, those should be vacated if someone with an actual claim shows up.

  43. Not a pro soccer veteran, but from my lifetime of experience at other GA sorts of events (rock concerts), I'd say the OP is being a bit fancy here.

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