1. I like stopping by each play through and talking to him. I’m glad he was immortalized in the game. Live on

  2. The wrapped outfit is my favorite with that head combination but it isn’t compatible with weave unless you have a mod, which I’ve used before. It’s an outfit you get from the dead couple in a house when clearing Jamaica Plains

  3. Wound is great on automatic weapons or fast semi auto or shotguns. On slower it’s not that great

  4. I was taking Hangman Alley before going to track down cricket for spray and pray, legendary raider had explosive sub machine gun. Sometimes legendaries have just what you’re looking for

  5. I switched to survival and don’t play on the other levels. It’s really a great way to learn the whole map. You learn where enemy camps are. Double meat book at sunshine trading co-op is great for food, gaining XP from cooking and after awhile the food just gets sold for caps because you can acquire so much. With low charisma make sure to make chems for boosting charisma when buying and selling. Stay away from rad x or rad away. They get you sick. Sleep often, I see a bed and I’ve been doing a bunch I’ll sleep for a hour. Get hangman’s alley, it’s the best settlement near diamond city. That’s usually my base without settlers.

  6. I just recently watched a run with only using caltrops and bear traps. This would’ve made it a lot easier then throwing them on the ground

  7. You can duplicate you’re special books and get the debuff back

  8. I usually say to Cooke that I’m not with Paul. Cooke kills Paul, I kill Cooke before going to the ambush spot

  9. Nelson’s caps, chems and .45 ammo. Plus enough charisma to pass speech check to get it password to the lab incase I stop by for free hazmat suit

  10. I agree, he really didn’t take shit from nobody, he always stood up for himself

  11. She sounds like that classic one upper person but it’s know someone way worse then her

  12. Do trinity tower, + 3 to charisma suit or dress based off the gender of your character, as reward. Hats and glasses that boost charisma also. Most alcohol boosts charisma, grape mentats are a plus 5 to charisma.

  13. This. I always bring charisma clothes with me to vendors when I'm trying to make some caps and buy things cheaper. Also, I think cap collector helps with that

  14. I’ve seen Jabo videos on YouTube and he had base charisma of 1 and with chems and clothes was at 16. The Daper Gent is a plus 2 and it’s at the robot hotel / vault in far harbor

  15. Sentinels, you take 15% less damage while standing still, couples really good with a vats blitz melee style

  16. You can scrap legendary or unique weapons or armor and you will get the legendary microchips

  17. It takes some time to get used to but I won’t play any other way now. Early game you’re a lot more vulnerable and you really have to know the map. Start fresh game. Early game stick to stealth sniper until leveling to 20 and then you’re set

  18. Is it the one with ghouls? I used to legendary farm there before

  19. Yeah, and a bloated glowing one locked behind a door in the attic. The holotapes are from a research assistant who took on lethal doses of radiation to test her boss's anti-rad serum, only to discover it didn't work. The final holotape is her trying to work out how to say goodbye to her parents.

  20. Man that’s sad. That’s the same place but I never knew the story behind it

  21. Leave Nuka world and go to commonwealth. Go back to Nuka World and just run through the gauntlet and exit from cola cars arena, it make take a few times but it should trigger

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