1. His house, his rules. you want to go as you please get your own place

  2. Where's the wax from this supposed candle? Looks like user error to me.

  3. Probably none, if you don't fix that pm gonna end up with nothing.

  4. Nice, looking good!! Wish mine got tall like yours, mines on like day 45.

  5. Nice, I loved this strain and can't wait to order more!!

  6. Lids seemed to let out too much air, and there 2 way packs seemed off. Went with regular lids and burping after trying these.

  7. Yeah traditionally that's the best way to go, I'm old school so some of this new stuff is interesting and I wondered if they figured out this is better or if people are just trying new crap.

  8. Yea, I wasn't a fan of it, and I would not buy it again.

  9. I appreciate your optimism, but I've decided to keep looking haha


  11. Hey, no problem. I'm glad I can help. They have some different ones on Amazon as well.

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