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  1. How are you? Just read all the other comments. Pats you on the head and gives you a long hug. Do you accept it (yes you do thank you)

  2. "Sandpaper cindoff works." Sorry if I'm just dumb but what does cindoff mean?

  3. It's the amazing langue of engrish i think i meant kind of

  4. Haven't talked about it and they don't understand/refuse to understand thath some words can hurt

  5. Low key, I thought there was a cat in your shoe

  6. Meanlike, usually yes unless you get your head reorganised by .44 kaliber or a buckshot othervice it's pretty goddamn revanding.

  7. I love your positive attetude towards the game and it's community but when i see/hear you taunting scps whilst juking them it saddens me.

  8. Thank you. I genuinely do the taunting for 2 reasons, 1 to make them chase me since I can make content of me escaping multiple SCPs (I am always nice to the players any other time, just tanting when they are an SCP) and 2 is to genuinely lure them away from friends or someone I want to keep alive. Often I am playing with fans or friends and when an SCP shows up I tend to say "I got this, or I will take one for the team" and then start shouting "Over here, you can't kill me, etc." I should try to make it a little less toxic though, since I don't genuinely mean any of the shiz I say to bait them after me.

  9. Have you tried screaming and panicking? Thath usually makes the scp interested in killing you.

  10. O lord frogive me for thos god awefull joke im about to make!

  11. Let me at him. I will make him regret ever being racist and transphobic.

  12. Could the dysphoria just be anxiety? Dysphoria itself is very difficult feeling. It usually presents as depression, dissociation, anxiety etc. I had a really bad depression season this year which literally clicked off the second i got my surgery date. Depression, gone, just like that. Depression doesnt work like that. It wasnt a depression season, it was dysphoria.

  13. I've had dysphoria. And i know how it feels. But when someone gives me man compliments i just feel like saying "yea, yea sure but thaths not what im hoping to look like"

  14. It changes. When i got girllyer glasses and letted my hair grown out it stopped allmost interelly. But puberty is slowly making my body unlivable.

  15. It debends. If it's just a casual round i don't care who wins. But if mtf actually does their job they deserve to win and it's really satosfying when it happens

  16. I got new glasses and i've been searching for 2 weeks, i didn't find any invalid people

  17. I didn’t, I was asking because it is the only one I use and know, available on iPads and iPhones, easily accessible. Also, very fun to use!

  18. I think it is just a short form in a cooler sounding way

  19. do i count? if so, my great words of wisdom for the day are: watermelon

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