1. Getting the wire through the piercing is the problem part. I’ve tried for who knows how long. The bend at the end doesn’t reach all the way through the piercing before I’d have to tilt it for it to go deeper, then obviously the bend would just be vertical inside my ear and wouldn’t come out

  2. You’re attempting to install this in an earlobe, no? Or some other body part?

  3. Yeah the ear lobe. My ear lobe is pretty thick so could that be why?

  4. I’m going to suggest at this point you locate a professional piercer or reputable jeweler for assistance. It’s possible your anatomy is unsuited for these pieces.

  5. War of the Coprophages? Bambi, the entomologist who studies cockroaches? There's a lab scene.

  6. Required? Probably not in recent decades. My mother washes (literally!) everything in the same load, so kitchen towels, smallclothes, and jeans all get the same treatment.

  7. You're also supposed to separate kitchen and bath because your kitchen cloths may well carry salmonella that came from food prep. You don't want that getting on your bath towels and into your eye while drying off. Yes, this has and does happen.

  8. So, she was raised by a 1st gen American who was raised by a Greek father. You're being pretty stupid about this whole thing. No different than a 2nd gen Italian, Mexican, German etc.

  9. I was raised by a first generation American who was raised by a Swedish father, but I don’t make that my entire personality.

  10. Which simply means your father didn't care about his Swedish heritage. Like you're bagging on someone that was obviously raised to have a crazy amount of pride in their heritage, you were not. Get it?

  11. Anyone under the age of about 30 should be ok, then, because when I asked the pediatrician about smallpox vaccine for my (now 26yo) son, I was informed smallpox had been eradicated, vaccine was no longer available, and the only samples left were at the CDC here in the US and somewhere in Russia, I think.

  12. The new one on Sunset south of the strip is pretty good, and definitely much more updated.

  13. Yeah this is the one. Easy to get served straight away

  14. You’ll want to keep your original jewelry in for 4-6 weeks, then go back to your piercer to downsize the labrets after the swelling has subsided.

  15. That looks very heavy for a new piercing, doesn’t look like the post has a good polish on it, combined with the questionable metal (and a bacteria-and-gunk-trap of a back!) …it’d be a hard pass for me for anything longer than a day or so.

  16. Sometimes the life you live doesn’t mesh with the piercings you want. It sounds like that is the case here. Not only would swimming with an unhealed piercing be a major infection risk, the pressure of a swim cap combined with an unhealed industrial piercing is a recipe for complications.

  17. Lovely dress, it looks wonderful on you! This random internet stranger is so proud that you’re doing what you need to do to live your best life!

  18. I definitely need to learn how to better control my hair. Once I get into a more stable living situation post graduation, I want to invest in a hair dryer and possibly a hair iron as well.

  19. Sounds good. I wish you all the best, and hope you know how proud this community is of you!

  20. The biggest difference I see is that current Albuquerque isn’t as cartoonish any more.

  21. The issue with making saline solution at home is the lack of sterility. On a fresh, open piercing, and as it heals, I certainly don’t want to rely on my municipal water supply for “clean” water.

  22. I just did this a couple of weeks ago, with a completely dead Kindle Keyboard (keys, page forward and backward tabs on each side, square “mouse”). I have a couple of touchscreen devices, and Fire tablets, but really like the feel of page turn buttons and that silly mouse. And no backlight, which was a great selling point for me to begin with!

  23. In my (admittedly minimal) experience, trained service animals will express their need to urinate/defecate, but are able to “hold it” until the appropriate time.

  24. Is this a new rule? Or did you know this before paying the money to be pierced?

  25. this is a new rule for this year as getting pierced got really popular last year and so now they are trying to cut back on what is acceptable and allowed

  26. Yeah, do some research on how to get something like this grandfathered in, since you already had them.

  27. Being pierced with a needle is, in my experience, exponentially less painful than being pierced with a gun.

  28. Late to the tea party, as usual, but I’m sitting down to a study session with a cup of Harney & Sons Tower of London blend, with an insulated cup of Tao of Tea’s Rose Petal Black and an insulated tumbler of Republic of Tea’s Caramel Vanilla. When I’m done with what’s in my cup, I pour from one of the insulated vessels, so I have hot tea for a while without having to get up and make more.

  29. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? with Bette Davis and Jane Crawford.

  30. Why do ppl need their gameboy for 30 minutes for lunch..? I don’t why ppl even care. By the time you eat clean up etc you’d have 5 minutes to play with your device

  31. According to this, I’ll no longer be permitted to bring my Kindle ereader in. Is there that much difference between a Kindle and a handheld electronic game?

  32. Download the kindle app on your phone dumbass 🤦‍♂️ I guarantee it’ll suffice for the 5 minutes you get to read

  33. I prefer the e-ink, it’s kinder to my eyes than the phone screen.

  34. I’m pretty pedestrian in my tea tastes, so I’ll recommend Twinings Irish Breakfast as a bold and bright grocery teabag choice.

  35. We have the kiosk, and if the headcount is still too high after that list is exhausted, the PAs or AMs go station-to-station asking if you want VTO.

  36. The dude who "tuned" in the Lazarus bowl. He also had the epic journey through India in his younger years where he encountered an Indian shaman who could project false images like the scary guy who crawled around on a squeaky dollie. Anyways... that guy, balding with glasses, he was in the cockroaches episode also as the city dead guy examiner.

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