1. To reduce head injuries, get rid of helmets (or at least the giant hard helmets used currently). It seems very counterintuitive but players won’t tackle as dangerously without them. It would become a completely different sport tho.

  2. Blink - Doctor Who. Need to know nothing about the show.

  3. Just looking more into it; the guy who sank (Nigel Tetley) was fine but died a few years later mysteriously:

  4. I’m still convinced he’s the biggest problem on the team currently.

  5. Yes. Shocking, some players are assholes. I’m so tired of every other post being about this. The virtue signaling is insane.

  6. I like how this is downvoted but 100% accurate. They have the night simply because they think they can make money off it lol

  7. If enough people boycott and don't buy their shitty products maybe they will go under. I've never wanted a company to fail as much as I want fanatics to fail.

  8. As a disenfranchised baseball fan who’s gotten oddly into cricket after the last T20 World Cup, I think I can safely say the biggest issue for cricket in US/Canada is understanding the game and knowing the rules. No one here knows any rules or the differences between T20, ODIs, and test matches. Every friend I’ve tried explaining anything to just says something along the line of “silly wickets” and “doesn’t it take like 3 days to play?”.

  9. Looks like Mr. Cowboy has a media pass and is in a arena/sports center of some kind. In my experience some food/drink/souvenir stands during an event will accept cash, some are card only, it's to move cue lines faster and less drawers to count at the end of the night. Mr. Cowboy seems to enjoy fake outrage

  10. I’m sure it was made clear the venue is cashless. Argue whatever you want, but I have no pity here.

  11. What, pray tell, do you think my stance is on this video? I don't have pity for Mr. Cowboy. What is my argument?

  12. Not you, I agree with the fake outrage take. Just in general anyone commenting any argument lol

  13. I will defend Fahrenheit to the death. It’s more specific and convenient for weather related things imo. It’s basically a 0-100 scale in reality.

  14. The whole pro-military culture in the US is so weird, hearing so many businesses do some specials for the military and veterans is just bizzarre...

  15. Every single sporting event has to have a salute to a troop or something twice a game. Every. Single. Sporting event.

  16. “The way it should be.” Gtfo with that nonsense lol. Such a awful change.

  17. As I was astounded by how horribly written this was until I realized it was a fan.

  18. Blink - Doctor Who. Favorite, best, whatever. Everyone I’ve ever told to watch it, regardless if they’d like Doctor Who or not, has thoroughly enjoyed it.

  19. That is the “will make you cry every time” episode lol

  20. Let me take the non-existent red line to Fells damn it! But seriously, Thames St is nicer with the outdoor dining setups imo.

  21. "I ask who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers."

  22. Yeah, I’d agree with this if it was the 18th century

  23. Sure, let's get rid of every civil right that wasn't guaranteed in this century. That would be **checks notes** all of them.

  24. Or just the outdated ones. Also, in that century literally less than half of the population had those civil rights. It’s almost like society fucking changes.

  25. I’m convinced he was never given a proper chance here which is upsetting.

  26. I was gonna say last season version of Schneiderlin. He was quality at first. But he became a CDM who literally did nothing defensively, covered no ground, and only passed the ball backwards. Was painful to watch.

  27. Looks like he’s been found injured but alive. Don’t know how injured, but seems to be good news regardless.

  28. Hospice. As a child, I thought it was pronounced hoe-spice. 🤦‍♂️

  29. I was driving with friends through Connecticut when we were teenagers and there was a sign for a hospice. One friend started laughing and we asked why. “That sign out there said ho-spice.” We told him, yeah, that’s literally one of the least funny places in existence lol

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