1. Hot take - It will be less than 10 new city NFTs with no utility. All will be immediately gobbled up by speculators and then scalped for hundreds of dollars.

  2. Those sanitation workers are putting up a good fight over there in France. Almost zero coverage on our MSM

  3. Wait til the French learn about the banks lol

  4. For now. His secrets are relatively safe while everyone's bank balance is how they remember it

  5. Man was the blip in utilisation really 168 days ago? Where are we now? pushing 300 days with that one day anomaly?

  6. What like beating earnings prediction by 70%

  7. Imagine your parents shutting you in the room with them while they go to funkytown and all you can do is sit in the cupboard and cry softly to yourself until they invite you back on the bed when they are finished.

  8. Is this… are you implying that this is not ok to do to a dog?

  9. I mean .. define OK.. its not illegal, but if the dog is uncomfortable, stressed or if its genuinely off-putting or affecting the dog then .. errr yeah I guess I am..

  10. Who had Kenyan Shillings as the next global reserve currency on their MOASS Bingo card?

  11. Can you give an example of some of these crap products you’ve bought? About 90% of my non-food purchases are from Amazon and I haven’t encountered any faulty or dodgy stuff so far. I’m not disputing your point I’m just interested

  12. Every single thing I've ever bought from amazon I've been underwhelmed with. Apart from a phone screen protector. Everything else is feather light, not fit for purpose or if its electronics, the blatantly below the standard you would find in an actual brick and mortar shop.

  13. I missed something.... who is this new mod and why are people so up in arms?

  14. People aren't up in arms its split. He was around in the January 2021 times before being appointed to GameStops Digital Community manager. He's since been appointed to a role with CyberCrew NFT Project and people are claiming he has a conflict of interest, but thats FUD to me.. other people screaming that its a mod abuse of power.. thats also fud to me..

  15. He wasn’t an OG GameStop investor. He was never in the picture until he worked for GameStop. Do we even know if he’s fed the bot?

  16. Yeah he was.. hes been here since Jan 2021 .. took the post with gamestop in sept 2021

  17. Theres some good advice here, but the poor guy seems utterly overwhelmed with everything. A lot of significant life changing events all appending at once.. it would challenge the very best of us.

  18. I'm 40 and have never seen these bonuses. It's only from last year where I can afford to put into a pension.

  19. I see t212 i downvote. Absolute scum of a broker.

  20. Im an OG ape. T212 screwed me over royally on other stocks. 90% loss over t212 specific bullshit halts. Fuck them.

  21. Yes me too. I bought at 45 and watched it sink from 550. I still have the account. I still have 20 shares with them as they will be the ones I sell when it hits 10k, enough to make 212 pay but not enough to get deleted. If they pull the same shit then it is what it is

  22. Wow. Great explanation. So what’s the end here? Again all I see after your explanation, which was terrific by the way, is citadel printing more fakes and failing to deliver… we’ve been here before. Wen does this end?

  23. So how will they ever have to settle up if they just keep printing shares

  24. Becuase eventually their balance sheet (securities sold but not yet purchased at fair value) will invert and they will fail their margin call and their positions will be liquidated like any other bankrupt trading firm.

  25. if you don't have the willingness to let your two nannies fight to the death and the heart to clean up the blood and entrails and dispose of the mutilated body after the resource guarding, feasting winner is full, then don't own one of these sweet dogs!

  26. The swap was agreed on March 12th. Archegos got burned on their margin requirements for rebalanced long potions to offset their rather large and rather one-sided short positions.

  27. Funny you bring up THPS because I’ve been listening to goldfinger - Superman non stop for the past 2 days. The lyrics hit different now that I’m 20 years older lol.

  28. Oh man same! Been on a trip recently listening to goldfinger and Reel Big Fish and LTJ. Science of Selling yourself short is on my daily playlist now!

  29. When times were much simpler man! Been tempted to bust out my PS4 and pick up a used THPS 1+2 from our favorite store just for the nostalgia.

  30. Guerilla Radio on THPS2 changed my life lol like I'd finally found the soundtrack to my worldview!

  31. JFH recorded one of the hardest shots on record and part of me wishes he would just punt Gareth right in his boring dick

  32. Nah fuck em they can use QPR, thats what we had to do. Fucking spent a year watching legwinski run up and down in that tin pot stadium

  33. Can I ask what a m&a is without being an idiot

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