1. No he didn’t, and you look like a fucking idiot implying he did.

  2. Where did you get those trays under the pots from and how do you like them? Need to get some soon, water EVERYWHERE 🤣

  3. With some defoliation and more water she should perk back up, theres alot of energy needed to make the flowers but also alot of the energy and water is going to the big fan leaves, take some off and water daily or as needed (often)

  4. Blink, kinda sucks for the fact if I want Timelapse or extended live view I need a subscription. There’s better options out there.

  5. What size inline fan are you running? Wondering if the ac infinity 4in will be enough for that tent size, otherwise, amazing work and beautiful plants!

  6. Same problem here, solved it with a Vremi 22-pint dehum, works well but pulls alot of power, if electricity is expensive where you are be ready for a higher cost each month

  7. How often do you water, what do you water with, and how much do you water? Looks a bit overwatered (the clawing of the fan leaves)

  8. How far from the tops did you keep the tsw2000? Got one myself, trying to figure out a good flowering height at 100% power, week 3 of flower

  9. Hang in a closet with a fan not pointed directly on them for air circulation, 60% humidity isnt hard to reach with a humidifier in the room, temp depends on how hard your AC has to work to get it cold, normally id put my drying stuff in a closet next to an air vent in the home, that way a simple piece of hvac ducting could be run from that vent to the bottom portion of the closet and gets it as cold as the AC unit will let you, ive heard the tiny air conditioners works well too

  10. Currently curing bud in 2 of them as we speak..well a LONG 2+Month cure. Sealed 1, just zip sealed the other. No problems.

  11. So when using them there is no need to open them and let air out like you would with jars? Sounds perfect

  12. Nope. Just keep them in a relatively stable temp area and they should theoretically be fine. Toss a hygrometer in there too to keep track.

  13. The jitters happen to alot of us im sure, experimentation is how some people succeed far beyond others in this game just have fun with it and try something new

  14. I’ve dedicated more time and effort into this plant than any other because it is my dream hybrid, and if it gets ruined I’d be crushed but it’s been a hard to grow gal, it’s taught me a lot, I wanted some in the closet because I want to tuck it away lol

  15. Stealth grows are the way to go! Finding the pheno you want and successfully reaching harvest is an accomplishment, now you know how she grows and can see how she does in the closet

  16. Can I ask where you from and how it works that even if you don't use energy you're paying for it as you were?

  17. Its common knowledge, its called Phantom energy, Phantom energy, also known as vampire energy, is a factual and research-validated cause of increased electrical bills. Recent studies have estimated 10%-33% of an average household's energy bills are traceable to phantom energy, when an appliance is plugged in but not on, it is still using electricity which thus increases usage cost..simple google search will do

  18. That's not a thing anymore, you're not using 1000w hps do you?

  19. Supplementing energy usage isnt a thing anymore? Where im from you pay per hour of usage and even a toaster oven plugged in but not running is an easy way for the bill to spike, so yes i unplug everything and keep the AC on when needed, saves alot more money to use for more grow supplies! But to answer your question no im not using HPS bulbs, im using Quantum board LEDs, while yes the electricity usage is lower, there are quite of few tents going all with fans, exhaust fan, and humidifiers all running 16hrs/day (not to mention AC needed to run them all)

  20. USA! Hoping to add this to the collection of wonderful products ive gotten from them!

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