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  1. Real shit does anybody actually care about Jabari? Lol

  2. His vocal performances have been hit or miss but you can’t deny the dude is a god tier producer

  3. Would agree in general, think it’s whack as fuck they cut Matt’s verse from the 9 minute version tho

  4. I’m super down, I fw your vision. Imma rapper/graphic designer/photographer/producer and am super interested in making music videos as well. hmu!

  5. There’s not much I can say now but I promise y’all your opinions of me will change later today, I got the 6pm time wrong because I was operating off of older info. Looks like the announcement is separate from the video

  6. People really in their feeling about the Fantano review lol

  7. just makes me worry bc I know his opinion is very influential amongst his dickriders and I don’t want bh getting any more hate than they already have

  8. I mean It’s definitely cringe when people base their opinions around fantano but it’s equally cringe when people makes posts like these every time he gives a negative review no offense

  9. I mean on TF Kevin said that the last album they made that felt real was technical difficulties so I’m imagining a majority of the band feels similarly. and with a lot of the album centering around joba grieving with his fathers passing it’s probably really difficult to talk about as well. I did like the RR era and we got so much cool shit in the visuals/design aspect as well as music but their tendency to gloss over it makes sense to me unfortunately

  10. nah I mean it seems like they’re all vibing with each other as far as I’ve heard in the radio show. kinda hard to fake the kind of charisma/banter we’ve seen from them on IMTBA. idk man it’s really hard for me to get my tight knit group of six friends in the same room together often because we’re all working and have other obligations and stuff. can’t imagine how much harder it is when all of your friends are high profile artists in the public eye constantly working on different projects 😂

  11. also wouldn’t put it past kevin to just be saying this to drum up hype/get people listening to the show tn. I’m expecting something big and he probably wants people to tune in for it

  12. I seen him at Coachella he was with John too. ended up right next to them watching BBNG. i didn’t wanna bother them but he seems like he chillin, that’s my update 👍🏼

  13. I like tha way dom says “paneling” on his verse but that’s just about all I have to say

  14. this is oozing with personality. you captured every character’s essence really well. phenomenal

  15. Is ameer on the songs they're playing?

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