1. It’s okay boys. It’s always refball and fluke mistakes with cincy when they play us. We also lost JuJu already being down 2 WR’s, Thuney, and we have a young secondary. Bungals are lucky.

  2. Que the graph of cheifs fans complaining about refs the most. No need to be salty, it was a battle of giants in the nfl

  3. Honestly we need more pash rushers. Hendrickson has been doubled teamed too much this year and humans nice but nowhere near an elite pass rush guy

  4. He got Mossed by Burks on that long pass.

  5. What if he hadn’t got injured his first season holy crap he’d have been up

  6. I have high expectations. I'm hoping there trying to go for that "grimy" vibe which has worked for them before especially on songs like sneakin

  7. We finally get the elite quarterback we have wanted for so long and all we can do is spend time talking about what others think. This sub is so much more toxic post super bowl run

  8. Is Kyler not proof alone that a QB can be really good in the NFL despite being short?

  9. Thing about Kyler is he makes up for it with generational athleticism and he is actually pretty bulky and built compared to young. If you gave kyler Youngs intangibles he would easily be a top 5 qb

  10. I still don't know why we drafted him over creed Humphrey or landon Dickerson. If we really wanted to bet on his upside he could have been there round 3 or even 4. Bad pick then horrid pick now(also he's a rapist pedophile)

  11. The desire for Bengals to keep the no tds in 2nd half streak

  12. I was hoping for the record. Were going to eventually let one up you don't get many of these opportunities(even though this is his 2nd real change at it if you include the raven games last year)

  13. What a draft the saints had. Lattimore, kamara and Hendrickson and ramcyzk All top 10 or 5 at some point in their career at their position

  14. Will Anderson Jr. Defensive end for Alabama. The best edge rushing prospect since prolly myles garrett

  15. This is the quintessential bengals defense. There are no superstars (besides maybe trey Hendrickson) or big names like a watt or Donald but rather a bunch of above average to star level players who we put in a system that allows them to succeed and play as best as they can.

  16. That was a clean sack don't even try and blame the Bengals. In this situation we shpuld just focus on tuas health but if there is anyone to blame its the team that allowed him to come back 4 days after a "back Injury" in which he came back in that same game.

  17. This was a close call live, and Taylor could have challenged and didn't. This is 0% on the ref

  18. Would not say 0. Had both feet in bounds with ball over the plain, any good ref would have been able to call this a td.

  19. But it was reviewable. Refs are going to miss calls, and his error could have easily been undone by coaches with access to replay. It's the coaches fault

  20. I agree but the refs are still paid to get calls right. Especially ones as easy as this.

  21. This is on burrow just as much as anyone today. It'll get fixed eventually of course but you gotta call a spade a spade.

  22. I think you are interpreting this the wrong way. This isn't some shot directed towards the bills but rather the league as a whole. Every single team in this league would try and protect there Star Quarterback if allegations came forward against them. Yes its good the bills cut Arazia but if you see this as this being some sort of sign the bills are a bastion of women's rights, you are sadly mistaken. This needs to be seen as what it is, a very small stepping stone to achieve something greater and try and rid the league of predators as opposed as some thing to celebrate.

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