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  1. Ryan is doing a great job at Dividing and conquering huh? He's just driving my investment into the ground by being a right-wing nutjob

  2. Hahaha have you not learnt by now that the TA posts talking about a breakout is all a part of the psy ops?

  3. I was only being sarcastic. But happy for you dude. Gym life for life. 🫡 And enjoy the next date.

  4. Odd just saying but Why are you replying to your own comment like it’s a conversation? lol did you forget to switch accounts?

  5. Its related directly to this sub as it has been an intermittent phenomenon related to being bullish on GME. Multiple times in the past it has appeared prior to a run, belive this is one of those times.

  6. Ahahaha okay sure. Some of you lot are acc special as hell. If y’all thinking awards are a hint that a run is coming. You need to take long look in the mirror 🤡

  7. Oh no people are buying from GameStop to help for a profitable Q.

  8. Can anyone with an account see if they can get WeBull to confirm in writing that the "shares owned" does mean those are shares held by their customers?

  9. Lol no. If it ent drs’d it ent yours. They hold it for you. Not you holding it.

  10. I had some money for a while and did regular buys. Now it's tight and I have to save for food and bills. Some apes can keep it going while others have to look after their own homes for a bit.

  11. Here here. Only spend what you can if you can. For me. Sadly I’m a bystander now. Rent increase bill increase food money increase. Wages stagnated. Man I’m broke as a mother ******

  12. Just showing my love to the ones whom are buying and not stopping

  13. How about fuk everyone’s opinion. It’s a tweet. Holding does not require consent tin foil. Hold or Hodl and stfu

  14. Ok thanks. I’m calling bullshit on my broker Tmr morning

  15. Should of called bs long time ago. clears throat not your name. Not your shares

  16. They'll just seo away any term we come up with for it. Unless...

  17. I don't think it has to be level per say. Maybe better alternative is to have some kind of gear score or the value of your gear. The score will determine your lobby and not level

  18. But then you’ll never get to drop a chad whilst wearing paca 🤷‍♂️

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