1. That’s what stuck out to me, was it always that big?

  2. Take a look at the Facebook app lol.

  3. Man seeing this beautiful car only reinforces how fucked the new M2 is lol.

  4. Yeah it’s absurd. Should be $399 max as a gateway / switch combo

  5. At $299 I’d feel better about it. It’s Prosumer hardware at commercial pricing.

  6. I asked my kid who is more savvy than I and he believes if we upload our tribe to an obelisk that we can, indeed, take our maywings and sinomacrops to Valguero.

  7. Yes. Each map is its own server. So you need to rent one server per map.

  8. Sure! Shoot me a DM, I can help if you need it.

  9. Workers comp AF. As someone that’s had to do a workers comp claim, I’ll give you my advice / experience.

  10. This is immeasurably better than what we got lol.

  11. I've read that margins are very thin at grocery stores. That true?

  12. Margins are shit on produce, but that’s because of consumerism. Ever noticed how ALL of the peppers, apples, tomatoes, etc. look “pretty” at the grocery store? That’s because all of the ugly ones never make it to the shelves, as a result, the store and the consumer share that added cost.

  13. I read not too long ago that "ugly" produce actually does get sold. They aren't sold to grocery stores, but rather to companies to be used in jams, salsas, etc., so they don't actually get wasted.

  14. So yeah I know it gets sold, but it’s weird. There’s also a company that will buy the ugly stuff from the grocery store, then sell it to consumers for a savings online.

  15. Use it with Scrypted, you'll get a better experience.

  16. When my neighborhood got AT&T fiber I jumped on it, 1Gbps was the max. 8 months later I get a letter saying I can upgrade to 2.5Gbps.

  17. Its 2gbps or 5gbps a 2.5gbps plan does not exist with att. But yes, it slowly gets rolled out to existing fiber locations as well as new subdivisions.

  18. Sorry maybe that was it (2 Gbps). I just new something faster was available shortly after.

  19. Thats because imessage is like an im service and it still uses sms which is an almost 30 year old system and can handle slower speeds where as android uses rcs

  20. Wait lol, are you actually implying that iMessage is SMS…? Your ignorance is showing lol. iMessage is data based communication completely circumventing the SMS protocol. That’s why it was so controversial when it was released. Carriers were freaking out that Apple killed SMS rates (iMessage was released when people still paid for the amount of minutes / SMS they wanted). iMessage has always been a data messaging service, RCS was created to TRY to copy iMessage. Get gud homie.

  21. You are partially correct. From the Wikipedia page:

  22. I would change how shit Amber is lol.

  23. I’m not a coffee snob by any means, but their coffee is SOO burnt (to me). It’s very bitter and you don’t really get to taste coffee, just the dark roast and hot brew.

  24. Oh damn, its "hit em while they're young" for a new generation. Never thought of this. A soda fountain for a new generation.

  25. Yep! I know I went to Starbucks almost everyday after high school because “that’s what to do”.

  26. Wait really? That’s a thing? That’s awesome.

  27. Guess I’m the minority.. been running 3 6 pros for a while now with zero issues.. have around 40 devices on my network

  28. Nah. You’re not in the minority. People are less likely to talk about this good experience.

  29. If you are not specifically specifying the recipients inside the Text block, it might be getting confused on what number to use then, if you have are more than one “contactable” way for a person (ex: 2 phone numbers saved on a contact)

  30. Maybe try setting the Contacts variable to Phone numbers

  31. I thought thunderfury set was technically best?

  32. I remember going here a few years ago on my trip to Japan. It’s really awesome.

  33. I mean, it’s usually easier to get a Carno when you start out than a Baryonix. You’ll find Carno’s near a lot of the “starter” areas, and the Bary will typically require a trip to the swamp to get.

  34. Changing usernames (of the account, not the character nickname).

  35. The good, the bad, the socks n’ sandals hero himself. <3

  36. Sometimes video production is stupid. Haha. I reckoned the two boards would likely have the same logic board. The 109-key was the one I got the deal on.

  37. Hi Quinn! Thanks for the content! ☺️ I’ve been following you since you were “ThatSnazzyiPhoneGuy” before you went on your retreat.

  38. This is the most bmw douche comment I have ever read lol. Also fyi the money you make has no bearing on how intelligent you are.

  39. Thank you lol. I’ve been trying to explain that but these two clowns are on their high horses this morning.

  40. Hi, thanks for your comments. This is my first nice car ever and you’re right a ton of people just want to shit all over me because I asked a simple question. Didn’t expect anything less from a BMW Reddit of course but still, you’re right! I’m not rich, I’m just new to cars/nice cars/BMW and just had a simple question out of genuine curiosity. The amount of snobby “expected more from an M owner” is pretty hilarious, lots of people here need to get off their high horse lol. I’m just trying to learn and appreciate your perspective since it’s true and kind.

  41. OP, here’s how I explain to people the easiest way to not fuck a steak. There’s a digital temperature device I bought that can temp 6 things at once and it was cheap AF. I’m not gonna link it, they’re all over Amazon.

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