1. I just wanna rip the little clothing you got off with my teeth and ravage every inch of you body

  2. Just have fun take your time there is zero rushing no need to get to any point fast just try a few weapons train with them fight beginning monsters a few time to get a hang of things collect just about everything you see until you know what your grabbing a few hours in and always save you load outs for anything that has the ability to save

  3. Yes, just yes I was screaming this last week some bosses if not a needs cap per wave like getting 3-4 of any one boss at the same time get real crazy real fast

  4. Oh they are they all two hit you and laugh you special if you managed to get hit while jumping they probably did this cause they were jokes in S2 and everyone ignored them

  5. Yes they made the normal mobs harder probably cause they were a joke in S2 and everyone ignored them plus we now have the ability to throw eggs, squid roll and surge and I’m sure they were expecting a lot of Legacy knowledge from S2 too boot but the game is stupid popular and is slow being flooding by a bunch of milk drinkers that don’t know the most basic of basic rules to Salmon run and will be Nero from DMC5 … Dead weight

  6. Yes the internet situation does suck and we had two updates to address that I would say the first one made it worse this most recent one I can’t really say for Hurricane Ian is fucking up the east coast right now and a good chunk of Americans live in the East including me and I must say I keep disconnecting since it has been raining cats and dogs here on top of my power flickering a lot here and there so ya keep that in mind

  7. Your opinion is rare for everyone says it much harder which I mean it is but with all the new movement options and ability to throw eggs they kinda had to and making normal mobs lethal this time around is nice just wish everyone else would get with the program and stop dying to rookie mistakes but yes Outpost form S2 was the worse getting boxed in and only way out were the windows that didn’t work half the time just so bad

  8. And also good against Stingers,flippers, scrappers, Slammin lids, Mud Mouths, Grillers and coving turf 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. Oh I love when I make post like this EVERYONE And there grandmas comment that “it’s a kids game” “salmon is just too hard” “You know it’s a popular game right?” “It’s easy to place into pro+3 new players are just getting in” Etc. Smh it’s so annoying I try to give advice and everyone calls me salty and to touch grass when I just wanna be able to enjoy my favorite game mode after my 11 hours shifts at the factory only to constantly loose cause my team is incompetent

  10. What are the chances of getting fresh cards, more specifically this card in particular, if you know?

  11. Yeah I know /nm! I just wanted to know like the exact chances you have of getting certain fresh cards, i.e. 5.0% or something like that!

  12. You could always just demote your self cause apparently the game is too hard for a lot of you

  13. ?????? its really not though????? salmon run rotations tend to have one weapon thats way harder to use than the rest of them but none of them are absolute garbage.

  14. 100%, players like OP want to do it all but refuse to have a little introspection of their skills, strats and gear.

  15. Where are you guys when I make my Salmon run posts?! Every time I rant about salmon run all the twinks come out defending each other not willing to accept that they suck at the game and refuse to learn how to play it and blame everything and every one but themselves and it’s really pissing me off

  16. Nah bro “it’s a kids game”, “salmon run is hard now”, “you do know this game is really popular”, “the weapon rotation sucks”, “there is a lot of new players playing now” etc. everyone is blaming EVERYTHING but then selfs and are gonna die in this hill I been making rants about the current state of S3 salmon

  17. Bruh if I was an outsider, I would do the same thing, p5 fans specifically are vile man

  18. Ya I’m now finding out the only person that I know that like Persona was my roommate never been online with it posted this in the group and another group to see how others would think and the other group as just real asshole trolls with no life and now I see it

  19. I saw the post when it first released and I was sure it was gonna get downvoted into oblivion, but it got affirmed and even a moderator defended it. Like come the fuck on bro. What they drew is no different than what this post shows.

  20. You know what I love about this is I make a rant about anything about this game like how incompetent the players are in Salmon run is everyone tells me to calm down, stop ranting, and it’s a kids game go touch grass etc. but then all you see is furry and kink posts but “it’s a kids game” and that this is “normal” “it happened in the last games” as if that’s a valid excuse for this crap

  21. It most likely cause they are new player that never played and know the culture S3 is stupid popular and gaining a lot of first time players but I have stopped doing it as of late cause everyone is so incompetent cause most of them are new and throw the game not playing the objective or loosing in Salmon run doing dumb s***t I’m not gonna booths people that are not trying or play like tards

  22. I'm not asking about op's ping, I'm asking about your ping

  23. But this is all about OP deciding to get this game a 60$ game that don’t even have its main function working right it is about OP Clearly your not reading what everyone is saying just going on some trip cause you wanna be right so bad when your really not just go read everyone else comments and posts or even YouTube your the only one that saying anything about ping that nobody cares about l’m not even gonna bother answering your question your just being damn right ignorant

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