A list of removed QOL features in Overwatch 2 and other issues

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  1. It's on Tabletopia already (PC only), via a link on the Capstone Games website.

  2. Ark Nova definitely runs long and poor/inexperienced play exacerbates that. Easy fix is block off the 11-15 pt range on the Conservation track, so players jump from 10 -> 16. If someone hasn't reached 10 yet when the game ends, just spot them 5pts.

  3. You are FANTASTIC! I've been hoping someone would find more info on what happened.

  4. I know how you feel. I had to give up going because our car is in the shop and we didn't have the money to rent one for a 5 hour drive. But now I'll be extra ready to see them next year. :)

  5. It’s interesting that so many people care about random stuff that doesn’t affect gameplay; different strokes for different folks I guess.

  6. It doesn't affect the "gameplay", but it affects the individual player's experience with the game. It gives a sense of pride and accomplishment. They're little serotonin "pats on the back" to make you feel like you're doing good.

  7. Its not even smart, its short term gain for long term player drop off.

  8. Which is why they incentivize you to keep playing with daily and weekly challenges on top of limited time offerings. Realistically though, they don't care if the average play stays or not. It's all about the whales.

  9. Yes, but the point is the UI element already exists in game.

  10. Does anyone feel like the game feels idk… lightweight or cheapened? Feels sorta like we had our hardwood floors switched out for cheap vinyl plank.

  11. I feel like at the game's original launch a lot of mechanics were great, but 23 characters later things got too complicated. I'm glad abilities and shields have been modified and I personally like the changes to characters.

  12. I can't tell if the gameplay is supposed to be constant hit-and-runs or not.

  13. Yeah that was my main problem with it. Why only seven minutes? I feel like a bit more substance would have been great.

  14. probably another sneaky way for playstation to steal your money

  15. You could have said "something Sony is doing" and that still would have been a more informative reply than what you decided to write.

  16. Not only that, Fortnite is quite respectful with their player's time. It takes me a single match, maybe two, to complete all my daily challenges. And weekly challenges are also on the easy side to the point you can get them all done in an afternoon.

  17. They're like 15-30 minutes for each game, and you'll probably get a 50/50 W/L rate, so the expectation from the devs is that you need to play a minimum of 10-20 hours a week to get that.

  18. Don't worry it'll also launch on the PS5, it just won't run well.

  19. When I was a kid, hearing my doorbell was normal and even exciting. As an adult, I literally get shivers down my spine and spend 3 minutes going through my mental rolodex of who it could be.

  20. I got a doorbell camera just so I could know who's at my door while still never answering it.

  21. Did you know 90% of gamblers quit just before they hit it big?

  22. Wow. Why is the Oregon Trail card game so low? I haven't played it, but that's somewhat surprising from such a popular game.

  23. Bloodborne is the best I own. It does a great job turning the game into a puzzle that can be mostly solved. The good hunters have options and tools to answer any situation and usually you aren't bank on the enemy card draws.

  24. Stardew does an amazing job with the design matching the video game but doesn't do as good of a job of being a board game. Too much luck involved.

  25. Hope Asmodee doesn't take down the Steam version like they did with Pandemic. I still like the polish of it and how I can play a full game against the CPUs in six minutes - BGA doesn't tend to allow for fast games.

  26. Ticket to Ride is very polished. Pandemic was not. It's disappointing that they just removed it though.

  27. So basically just constantly make a trade to buy their property for a dollar and 1/6 times you'll get it?

  28. They're supposed to be surprises, which is why they don't give you information about them. 😊

  29. Our group, where I was the only one who played the board game, tried playing digital as well.

  30. C&K for me. Catan feels sluggish until suddenly you are racing the other players to be the one to protect Catan.

  31. Huh? Have you actually spent any amount of time on here? No New Normal was up for over a year before Reddit shut that down. There were and still are plenty of Nazi supporting subs.

  32. I don't blame them. That first scenario is brutal. 3 separate rooms with several ranged characters, and it's the most difficult (imo) with just 2 players.

  33. It's the buckets of luck combined with the length that's a problem.

  34. I wish the game (and all similar games like it) didn't have constant refreshing of the attack modifier deck and the ability deck of monsters. It would be nice if you were more frequently able to look at the played cards and give yourself a good idea of what's likely to pull next before using your really strong ability.

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