1. Might be a rosy wolfsnail (Euglandina rosea) but I’m no expert

  2. Do you have a thing for invasive predators? Your username definitely fits lmao

  3. God damn that's a jank-ass translation. I'll leave my translation here. "I" in the quotes refers to ZUN.

  4. Yeah, this didn’t make sense from the beginning since Touhou is Tōhō in Japanese, not Dunkag.

  5. We're being invaded! Run for your lives! lol - This might look like the cross between a praying mantis and a wasp, but it is a mantidfly, quite harmless to humans actually. It mimics the appearance of wasps, mainly for protection, and it uses its raptorial arms for grasping small insects and insect eggs.

  6. I'm so sad the evo was the most generic moth ever when the baby form was so cool. ;__;

  7. What are the selection pressures that led to crows becoming large, terrestrial predators?

  8. Some of it probably was but some of it was probably fantastical as he impregnated someone as a swan and on another occasion as a shower of gold.

  9. Seems the terminal part of a Bonellia viridis

  10. My brain: "Don't do it, don't do it, DON'T DO IT!!" Me: - RULES OF NATUREEEEE!! - (Sick art btw)

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