1. Also, it's not "hold right", it's "hold jump" (or tap-jump).

  2. You can also press away from the wall you are teching on to wall jump. I actually didn't know you could hold jump too

  3. If only we had a collab with a boxer so we could have boxing gloves as a pickaxe. Wait...

  4. once a season chance combo awesome I know the mask should be off on the bike but I think it's more recognizable. Those pickaxes are the closest I had to brass knuckles but it also kinda looks like the weapon you get for itemizing Cybele so I'll take it. (If you have a skin you think would work for Noir you should let me know because I legit have nothing and want to eventually do all the thieves)

  5. I don't think this breaks any rules, but you really should include a photo without the filter

  6. its fucking stupid... they are making game for casuals so they ad this fucking stupidity thinking it will make game fun for all.... fuck this shit im over this game

  7. I’m sorry friend 😭 I didn’t mean to offend

  8. see it's funny because the current generation is predicted to never be able to retire because inflation is raising faster than income 😃

  9. me looking at reddit memes with my family because they censored the word dick

  10. I guess Mii sword being in cringe makes sense since everyone uses tornado and that weird projectile frisbee thing. I’m sad no one uses the Ike side b and power charge, they’re arguably better and you don’t have to zone them out anymore

  11. if power charge is the neutral B with the sword on fire, it is absolutely not better than either other neutral B and is actually awful

  12. me when I take a meme, crop it, replace the music with something worse, and add a shitty caption

  13. Thanks for the recommendation. They did remove my initial locker room post (I didn't read the rules) but I'll repost there soon!

  14. Never give a splatoon fan the aux, they'll start playing the "blblobobolbou squeememem"

  15. Bro that gun with hip fire is the most broken shit I’ve seen in a while Edit: I found the video I saw

  16. The hammer was definitely stronger, I much prefer the katana for it's balance though

  17. Does Ganondorf have a winning matchup? Does he even have an even matchup besides himself? Does he even go even with himself?

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