1. One approach could be feature hashing. It allows to keep input dimensionality constant.

  2. I took food back to my dorm pretty frequently last year and I would always throw out the trash immediately after I finished eating but one day I left out an empty sprite can and box of food then the ants came

  3. perhaps we could actually use this money to open all the dining halls

  4. his lecturing was ok and both midterms and the final were online 24h but that might change this year

  5. thats a special exception because they were serving the acai bowls instead of the smoothies

  6. My physics teacher from high school just passed away earlier this week as well. It's especially sad because she was still young and I think her son was still only in elementary school. It was surprising because she always seemed to be healthy and energetic but after she passed away I found out that she had already been sick for a few years.

  7. i dont think thats even undercooked its just medium rare

  8. TIL that disagreeing with a popular narrative and having the cojones to go against the grain on here = hate. Color me surprised!

  9. for phone i can watch videos mostly normally with an occasional 1 minute pause where nothing will load

  10. Lol wild… at least I assume you nailed the final (if you got one).

  11. I want to stress that the TAs cannot be blamed for not handling this situation as well as you would have hoped. Imagine how hard it is to take control of a room of 180 humans who are upset and talking amongst themselves. That's not a skill that everyone has.

  12. other than whats already included in my housing plan i buy almost nothing except for the occasional snack from a vending machine

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