1. The power scaling in the games and lore doesn't actually make sense soooooooo, yea this is measuring how strong someone is in dragon ball levels of stupid

  2. Dragon ball power scaling looks like calculus compared to GG lol.

  3. At least until strive, now Ky outclasses Sol in skill and raw power

  4. Well yea, Sol has basically retired and given up all his powers.

  5. Would've been nice if food refilled his stamina bar instead of what it does now which isn't very helpful. Or if it at least didn't have 49 frames of recovery which pretty much means you can't do it without sacrificing some oki at all.

  6. Yeah but he wasn't bad before that even then I'm pretty sure. Unless I'm misremembering.

  7. I mean the changes certainly made him way better. Nago would be significantly worse if it wasn't from that change that made his S series drain so much blood

  8. Unlike Greek Gods, Norse Gods are never “the god of something” (Like Poseidon God of the Sea, Athena Goddess of Wisdom), in Greek those concepts are heavily connected to each of their respective God.

  9. I'll agree they're more abstract but they certainly DO have some concrete things they command. I used Thor for this example specifically. Vikings would pray to Njord for safe passage on the seas just as the Greeks would eith Poseidon ostensibly. Also just because they overlap doesn't mean they don't have a tangible connection to those things. Like Odin and Hel are God's of the dead but that's because they command different realms of the dead, Hel and Asgard. And as I said clearly in the game canon God's are essentially the same kind of being across realms since Kratos and Atreus are both considered gods by the other characters.

  10. Chaos's weaknesses are good movement and getting snowballed due to bad panic defense options. So I'd say Ram is his worst, Leo, Chipp, and actually Pot counters him pretty well for unique reasons.

  11. Decent enough sure, but she's pretty bad. She's squishy with not a lot to make up for it besides just being really annoying in neutral. She has the worst offense out of the squishy characters but good and simple neutral. Her pressure is nothing to he scared of if you know what you're doing.

  12. he is more than good, he is just outclassed by the other coked up kids in the playground

  13. That's not how balancing works. There's no such thing as a context-removed objectively good character. If Sol is significantly worse than a large portion of the cast he's just bad. Balancing is relative by nature.

  14. But he is not lmao, he is still in the upper half, only the top tiers are better than him

  15. I mean it's a small cast, he's at least in the bottom half of it. I would say Ram, HC, Leo, GL, Nago, and Zato are all empirically better than him and a lot of rest of the cast is a losing matchup for him. Dude's down pretty bad.

  16. Imo people who say this dont realize that technically ever character has an annoying voice. If i have to hear dumbass mega fist again im just gonna mute the game. Same with hearing BANDIY REVOLVER every second or VAPOR THRUST every millisecond i will kill something. Its a anime fighter 100% of characters have annoying grunts etc. Then again thats just my personal opinion.

  17. Nah a character can have a cool voice and an annoying voice. I don't like the anime piercingly high pitched little girl voices of a lot of anime characters like Jam and May. I mean it's already pretty obvious that people find May's voice lines uniquely annoying and repetitive considering totsugeki is a big meme. Sure some of the more liked voice lines will inevitably get repetitive and annoying but it doesn't mean they're inherently annoying like Totsugeki.

  18. Yea I said I don't like those voices and then stated that that was seemingly a popular opinion. I didn't state it was fact that all people hate those kinds of voices. But all evidence would point to that being a popularly held opinion, including this very post lol.

  19. I got it now, you play happy chaos, that’s why you’re disagreeing with me so hard lol

  20. Nah I just like to argue with people who like to throw opinions around without any real grasp of the issue. I think Chaos could use some nerfs, but saying he has a 1 input move that will instakill you is pretty stupid. Especially considering how upvoted that comment was I wanted to point out it was stupid. My original claim didn't even have anything to do with chaos balance I was just pointing out that the basis of the op's post was dumb. Then you said my post was poorly worded and I pointed out why that wasn't true and well here we are. You're now just trying to hit me with every internet non argument in the book nerd emoji, "you're just pressed because you don't like X non related thing" etc.

  21. So you play happy chaos based on your profile. When you press HS, he shoots the gun right? Obviously I wasn’t saying that one shots you, BECAUSE IT DOESNT! I was just reacting to your goofy wording. End of conversation.

  22. Well 1 no, if you press HS he doesn't just shoot you and I've already said that. That's the button to pull the gun out. Not important to this argument but shows you don't really know how the character works. And yea I've played him, that's why I know how the character works, you can scroll to right under my chaos post and see me arguing Sol is too weak, next post is me playing Zato showing a clip saying Chaos shouldn't have a tic throw on his GC shot. Two clips of me playing Chaos does not mean I main him, especially when you can look two posts down and find one of me saying he's cheap. I've got a clip with pretty much every character in the game somewhere on my profile and I've been playing Chaos recently to learn the matchup, hence why he's there. Unless you meant by play as in literally have I played the character before? Then yeah, you shouldn't try to argue whether a character is op or not if you haven't played them yourself anyway lol.

  23. People say this about every below average health character.

  24. Oof, that honestly makes it way worse tbh. That just strengthens the grooming argument, and the idea that it's femboy erasure if Bridget's femboyness was always planned as just trans-lite. It's also kinda pandering if Bridget is only coming out as trans AFTER it becomes popular enough for general audiences despite it allegedly being the original identity of the character.

  25. Does anywhere actually explain what's special about ki? As far as I can tell it's just a different form of magic for Japanese people that's effects are unknown.

  26. Whenever HC is zoning me fullscreen, I just hold block with one hand and check my phone with the other.

  27. People try this all the time, if you wanna do that HC just waits too and win on a time out lol. You're not clever, you're just giving him free practice for his gc timing. And you're just prolonging the match by like 15 seconds if you're not fding. Or he can just realize you're doing it and run up on you. Seriously salty play like this is so annoying if you don't wanna play just don't rematch and quit trying to waste time to spite a guy just playing the game.

  28. No I actually don't mind fighting HC and Ram has tools to interrupt his zoning.

  29. There are way too many people that just give up if they lose roundstart for me to assume you're joking.

  30. People that use discord, Reddit and Instagram complaining about Twitter will always be funny to me

  31. I mean they are equally annoying at times but you get different flavors of annoying

  32. Yea it's not hard to mash lol. It's literally the scrubbiest way to play.

  33. Yea it's not a bad idea but the cancel window on super mode is aggregious

  34. I'm just excited for the cycle to reset so when "X5" or whatever comes out and everyone talks about Strive's glorydays.

  35. People who started with Strive will be referred to as '21ers like how they call the people who started with SF4 '09ers lol

  36. It's definitetly gonna be amplified by the fact that Daisuke is leaving after Strive, even though I'm sure he's already been pretty hands off.

  37. I would be beyond fucking furious. Not only did you miraculously not wall splat but the cars aligned like the planets of the galaxy. This game lmao

  38. Wall splitting in this game is basically a dice roll.

  39. well, you're not entirely wrong; i would never be the same as a cisgender woman, but i am still a woman nontheless. the things that would delineate me as "not female" after surgery and things are taken into account are common to many cis women. for example, my friend takes the same hormone therapy as me because she lost her reproductive organs. functionally, our bodies are almost the same. a good comparison is that a panda is still a bear, even if you wouldn't typically lump it with brown, black, or polar bears.

  40. Well I'm not gonna try to convince you that what seems to be such a monumental life decision for you is unimportant cause that's entirely up to you. Final word from me is I just kinda don't see it the same way you do but that's fine, I don't think either of us are necessarily wrong, at least not in a way thats possible to prove without years of knowing each other. If it truly does make you feel so much better then I'm happy for you, whether or not it's just psychosomatic is only relevant for the sake of light debate. I'm just excited to finally be able to discuss opposing sides of this issue in a way that doesn't immediatetly become a mudslinging match between two people who've never met lol. I wish you well in your self identity, and I sincerely hope that you continue on your journey with self love, whatever path you take if you end in the right spot then it doesn't really matter. I'm glad to have been able to talk with such a respectable and open minded woman :).

  41. it's ok to like debating, however it's pathetic to be this dishonest just for the sake of starting shit on the internet. Your very first sentence was "not to drum up debate" and then immediately went on to be condescending. If you dont like me pointing out the fact that mentaly sound people dont act this way then i dont know what to tell you.

  42. Lol you write that yourself? I'll give you points for originality but lmao that's a bad one. And yea my original intention was not to drum up debate but just point out the fact that the premise of the post was incorrect, then people started arguing with me. So I argued back, that's not dishonest I said it wasn't my intention but it happened anyway and I'm entertained by it. For the most part I expected my post wouldn't get any replies. And I'm not reading anyone's screen names dude. I just default to guy because most people think dude and guy are unisex in this context anyway. Also mighty transphobic of you to chastise me for not thinking adorableLaurie has to be a woman. Kind of funny that youre saying I'm stupid for not assuming your gender.

  43. A warning that someone is dropping on you would be nice. You can't keep your eyes glued to the damn sky during your fights, so how can you know if someone is about to land on you for half, or even more of your health?

  44. Problem is is that that makes elbow drop practically useless since it is so punishable. I think the game needs to make it more difficult to run away. Because at current the risk reward is in the fleers favor. Since you have the same stamina the only way to catch them is to drop kick them which does very little damage and is the easiest move in the game to punish. So then you can try to throw them but despite what the game says throws in this game are really reactable out of block and are also super punishable. And if you don't do anything then they just successfully escape to round the corner and camp on a rooftop waiting for you to fight somebody so they can elbow drop you for 4 million damage. And if that fails they just run off again. Until it's final circle and there's now 10 people left who are just camping in trees while 2 people actually Duke it out on the ground. The game needs some kind of system where you run out of stamina faster if you're running away from somebody or something like that.

  45. It's obvious you don't get it...and that's ok.

  46. Bruh you really called this a "mortal combat twitch fighting game" and are trying to tell me I don't get it? Lol

  47. I like how the guy was ringing out and you were like "you know what I need this chicken leg" lmao

  48. Well I thought he was lag switching or something akin to that. So I was just prepping for him to come back and drop kick me, but nah it turns out the game just had an aneurysm and he either RQ or lagged out and the game wouldn't let me kill him. Happens a lot with DCs this one was just the most obvious cause it was just me and him left.

  49. I've had someone Javelin Tackle me directly through a wall before. Bro literally teleported behind me nothing personal kid.

  50. Javelin tackle is definitetly the worst offender for ridiculous tracking. My first clip here is a good example of that.

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