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  1. they still do but its like $18 instead of the $11 steal it was prepandemic

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s $20 now - or at least that’s what they said when I went there last weekend.

  3. There are two over-arching story types: (1) man leaves on a trip; and (2) man arrives somewhere from a trip. -Fyodor Dostoevsky.

  4. And there I go writing about a woman just existing!

  5. OP! CONGRATS TO YOU! That's so huge, I bet you're so proud. Care to share a little synopsis of your story you worked so hard on?

  6. It’s about a PhD student who discovers a twentieth century murder while researching a nineteenth century murder…and ends up haunted by the ghosts of both.

  7. Congrats! I attempted to do the same thing with a story I began writing in 2001. But I failed again. Perhaps my story will never be written.

  8. It's odd to me that this is still considered 'Frisco' by Google and not Leadville.

  9. It’s on the North (Frisco) side of the pass.

  10. I always think of this video as well where she tries to make Christima Aguilera look bad but just ends up looking cringy and immature. The guy next to her as well seems so uncomfortable. Like she wasn't nice to you because you spent the early part of your career projecting and calling other women like her "ho's" ffs

  11. That was so cringe I had to turn it off.

  12. I feel like the context around this question has shifted since this was originally posted - just one day before the Club Q shooting.

  13. It’s about the same as any other community, which is to say not really visible. Summit is pretty liberal and actually more diverse than a lot of places in the front range, but it’s not very big, population wise, and it’s hard to find groups of people to hang out with, no matter how you identify. Not many people live here full-time - it’s very seasonal, very touristy.

  14. I really like the idea but I agree with the other commenter that the star isn’t super obvious - especially if you’ll be keeping your hair down.

  15. I have a folder called “Icebox” in each of my big scrivener projects. For words or sentences, I’ll just delete, but I’ll move big chunks (scenes, sometimes paragraphs) into the icebox instead.

  16. Thank you for this response <3 You make some great points. I live in a mountain town where people are snobby about their dogs and bring them EVERYWHERE with them. They let them roam through the forest and mountains & I feel so bad that I can't do that with my dog. But you're right, it can be unsafe. I know someone who lost their dog when he was off leash because he got into a porcupine and it killed him. I know another person who lost their beloved husky deep in the woods suddenly. And a few other scenarios that make my anxiety about this whole thing even worse, but solidifies my decision to not let my dog off leash....

  17. I feel you. Colorado has off-leash, weirdly judgy dog owners everywhere. I’ve had people say “Don’t you think you should let him be free?” And I’m like… this dog will chase a moose and get itself killed if I let him. Is that what you want?

  18. The only girl friends I’ve ever known who had a story about their dad pulling this kind of shit were from the south. None of my friends growing up in the west ever had dads who would do this. My dad would never do anything that implied I was his property or he had to protect me from my decisions.

  19. He never did. He would regard doing that as disrespectful to everyone involved, as well as unnecessary, stupid macho chest-beating. And I'd agree.

  20. I’m so glad to see this as the top reply.

  21. For the current situation I think this is an adequate statement. It displays her anger and frustration towards Ticketmaster and her love for her fans. It’s clear at this point with several state attorney generals announcing investigations and politicians trying to push for hearings about Ticketmaster, there are certain aspects of this whole fiasco that she can’t address publicly at the moment.

  22. But nothing about the outrageous prices? I knew getting tickets would be difficult, but because of the demand, not because they were $500-$600 at face value.

  23. I was offered face value tickets to a Tyler Childers concert that were $350 apiece. There is a huge gap in pricing for live music right now - either bands are playing house parties for a donation or the tickets are $100+ at any venue. It’s crazy.

  24. Right, I don’t totally understand what people expect. Yes, she’s rich and powerful but that doesn’t make someone in control of everything. Ticketmaster and LiveNation is pretty much her ONLY choice if she wants to tour. She can’t go to indie concert venues - they’re too small. Do people expect her to buy her own venues and set up her own ticketing organization or something? Are people expecting Taylor to hire software engineers to put together an online ticketing system? What would happen if an Astroworld situation occurred at one of her shows?

  25. I’m surprised you wouldn’t already be buying snow tires to get you through winter in Wisconsin.

  26. Well thank you so much! Yea I’m getting chains to be safe and here In Wisconsin we grow up driving on ice 🤣 I just don’t wanna get myself into something I don’t know and not be prepared ya know! I appreciate it a lot thank you so much

  27. Our snow is dryer than the Midwest, and ice exists but if you drive carefully you’ll be alright.

  28. Yeah, it’s a thing. It’s also very common to have pyrotechnics involved for fake bombing scenes. There’s other videos with children asking if this was supposed to happen, and that’s one reason why (the other being genuine confusion and shock I’m sure).

  29. I was at an air show where a trick went wrong, the pilot ejected into the ground and the plane crashed, and at first - before the crash - people thought it was part of the show. I think it’s a typical reaction because everything is so confusing and they were already performing feats we don’t normally see. So sad.

  30. Thank you! I read it to mean it was not going at all after May 30th

  31. Yeah, they take summer/fall off cus there’s less demand. Should be back up soon. I think you can change busses at keystone. They’re all free.

  32. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Subaru shot themselves in the foot when they discontinued the wrx hatchbacks.

  33. My hatch blew its engine last January. I thought about scrapping it. And then I looked at cars. All I wanted was AWD, turbo, hatch, manual. I would compromise on manual, but only because the writing’s on the wall.

  34. Wow, same wish list and also just cant.get rid of my 2014 wrx 5spd hatch. There's nothing similar

  35. Right? Like… legit one of the only options is a Porsche Macan but that’s a paddle shifter and it’s wayyyyyy more expensive.

  36. Top comment on post about Dr Oz getting his ass kicked: “No more celebrity candidates please.”

  37. I did the reverse 2-3 times a week years ago and it is a long one. I’d budget an hour 20 each way to deal with traffic/weather/parking and nearly always took 287 or back roads. If I was up there late, spending the night made more sense than coming home.

  38. Got a bad review from an AirBNB owner once because there were fingerprints on the sliding door leading outside... $150 cleaning fee couldn't have taken care of that buddy?

  39. Right?! I got one because even though we followed all her directions for cleanup, we put a dish in the dishwasher that it turns out wasn’t dishwasher safe. And it’s not like it was wood or something - it was a platter that looked like it should be machine washable.

  40. This is what I was told when I adopted her

  41. I’d be very interested to hear what you get because I swear that some breeds don’t show up in the DNA tests. Every person I know who’s gotten one where the dog looks like a hound has had zero hound in their results, and all have shih tzu. It’s odd.

  42. I think that could legitimately be a thing. One of my day jobs is baking for special events. It's been a learning curve trying to cook up here!

  43. The bread here will just never be good. Elevation + low humidity. Our baked goods will never compare to sea level.

  44. I trying my damndest! Found increasing liquid, decreasing leaving, increasing temp while decreasing cook time can mitigate some effects. It's all wonky tho because I work with a gas oven instead of an electric.

  45. There’s a great book called “Pie in the Sky” that has recipes perfected at sea level, then 2500, 5000, 8000, and 11000 ft. It’s great but you’ll still have a hard time ever making a croissant taste the same as you will get in SF or NY or Paris.

  46. Deliberately phrased it that way for amusement, I believe Americans say it without irony.

  47. Naw - it’s regional here. A lot of us say the phrase correctly.

  48. Thank you! I was just listening to this like “this is pish” . I can’t think of hospitality staff and people in street acting like this unless they were drunk & obnoxiously loud.

  49. …were they loudly singing “Oh, Canada” at 3am?

  50. I just hosted a party at Doghouse Music Studios in Lafayette - they have a concert venue with a liquor license and will do personalized karaoke where you get to have a whole stage setup.

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