1. yeah I like his social link in concept I just think the execution was awful, idk why so much time had to be allocated to that dad constantly debating whether or not to hire thugs to beat the shit out of him

  2. fr its so uncanny it looks like some random oc insert but so legit at the same time

  3. I don't watch sports idk what any of the means someone please explain this in melee terms

  4. Unironically it's not that hard. The AI is pretty good and you have tactics. But play how you like, it's your game.

  5. What do you mean? They sell guns to kids who come looking

  6. oh yeah well when the book of revelations actually happens and she blesses us with her beauteous presence you're gonna look so dumb and cringe and be so spiteful and mad its gonna be epic

  7. oh no my /j was taken as /srs my ironic persona is no longer separate from my genuine self and the two are now indistinguishable 😔

  8. I can't believe big chungus really sacrificed himself to save the world from the incarnation of death itself, ai don cheadle. Truly a masterpiece for the ages

  9. smh you didn't even get the super long optional lectures on how to read tarot cards fake fan

  10. I want more images of game covers replaced with breaking bad I think it's funny

  11. You are welcome, if u r interested you can check my eliz basic guide on

  12. If it's on Maniac, yes, since crit occured more often, when you got crit'ed on maniac it's 100% the end

  13. does beating him on merciful with an entire team of lvl 99 perfect endgame demons on a ng+ file I found online count?

  14. this is exactly why I post obnoxiously opaque reddit logos on all my memes to insure the instanormies do not steal

  15. But where’s her boyfriend, Slippin’ Adachi?

  16. now its my headcanon that sae managed to get adachi acquitted of all charges only for him to immediately continue throwing people into tvs

  17. uj/ Tbh he probably wouldn’t even let her get him acquitted in the first place considering how hellbent he was on staying in prison and facing the consequences in Ultimax

  18. My only gripe with persona 5 - is that story is regurgitated and repeated and explained over and over again throughout the game. Maybe not everyone is as a big of a nerd as us but even a half-ass casual play through is really understandable.

  19. this is clearly fake. Real recognizes real so they would be an epic undefeatable squad and not bickering online smh

  20. Hey this isn't fair to Toriumi she was probably drunk when they interviewed her.

  21. No Teddie you're gonna get your human rights taken away by ASAC Schraeder.

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