1. Was able to make some coin with a few picks over the weekend. Will try my hand here as a way to provide some picks for others and to track officially.

  2. looks like KO just ruptured his championship match at the Rumble..

  3. man, this fucking sucks as a lifelong fan and one that has been my favorite ever.

  4. ended up trading away Kelce today along with pieces.

  5. perhaps… Losing Kelce will hurt for sure, but I’m gaining a little bit more stability to my RB/WR group

  6. Kelce is a league winner in playoffs. Same with olave especially if winston comes back. I’d solid pass.

  7. bad thing is… don’t think the Saints will turn it over to Jameis

  8. This one only makes sense if you believe JT is BACK back, like top 3 RB to close out the year. I like offloading Mostert though

  9. definitely some risk there when looking at just Taylor and his season up to this point, but he looked like he was back to form last week

  10. have Cowboys rostered, but each time I’ve faded them over a better “matchup” I’ve been burned…

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