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  1. What’s up with the Army Captain at Ft. Bragg who said on Twitter that she knew about what happened? There seems to be no mention of her…

  2. Don’t tell me they’re playing that AD bullshit with Tudors as well……

  3. How many Championships do the Bengals have? Not just this current crew, but ever? I’ll wait……..🔈🅾️🙅🏽‍♂️ZERO.

  4. Here's Victoria Martinez's full post with additional images of Esmat and her family:

  5. I’ll bet Victoria has a ‘light’ mustache…..

  6. Those approach and departure angles are atrocious.

  7. LTC Felix Sparks, Commander of the 3rd Battalion, 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division wrote about this incident. Sparks watched as about 50 German prisoners captured by his battalion were confined in an area that had been used for storing coal. The area was partially enclosed by an L-shaped masonry wall about 8 ft (2.4 m) high and next to a hospital. The German POWs were watched over by a machine gun team from Item Company. He left those men behind to head towards the center of the camp where there were SS who had not yet surrendered; he had only gone a short distance when he heard a soldier yell, "They're trying to get away!" and then machine-gun fire coming from the area he had just left. He ran back and kicked a 19-year-old soldier nicknamed "Birdeye" who was manning the machine gun and who had killed about 12 of the prisoners and wounded several more. The gunner, who was crying hysterically, said that the prisoners had tried to escape. Sparks said that he doubted the story; Sparks placed an NCO on the gun before resuming his journey towards the center of the camp. LTC Sparks further stated:

  8. 1. It wasn’t “vandalism”, the substations were disabled by coordinated gun fire.

  9. They’re White. I’m guessing probation, $10K fine and attendance at a diversionary program.

  10. Something needs to be done about domestic terrorism. It seems it's being ignored and they're just growing bolder. At this rate it'll be too late when something is finally done about them.

  11. Many white people still have a problem calling out other white people as terrorists. Until then, nothing will happen. We could have incidents like this happen everyday for the next 10 years and we would still hear excuses like mental illness; they were rogue or lone actors; they played too many video games and witnessed too much violence in movies; or it was Antifa without any concrete actions taken towards confronting and combatting these terrorists. We should treat these fuckers the same way we treat ISIS or Boko Haram.

  12. Coffee aside, everyone was being a bit stupid…especially the dude filming.

  13. The KK (Kyrie/Kanye) Cock Riders are off their rockers 😵‍💫🥴💩🙃🥹🫠…

  14. Oh can’t wait for the CosbYe team up.

  15. Harvey Weinstein can produce the buddy comedy to be filmed on Epstein’s old island.

  16. Granted. But the resultant increased blood displacement causes you to immediately faint upon achieving a full erection thereby preventing you from ever using your new mega penis.

  17. Because there’s LOTS of air (checks notes) on the moon.

  18. That $2.1T wasn’t lost. We gotta’ pay for those “black programs” that eventually produce things like stealth tech, GPS and space propulsion platforms.

  19. We only negotiate with terrorists who don’t shit themselves:

  20. Because I also want a ceiling fan for the summer. There just isn't one yet so I'd have to do all new wiring which would cost about twice as much as the fan itself, so I've been putting it off. I've thought about just getting a lamp in the mean time, but I wouldn't use it once I had the fan so it seems like a waste.

  21. Stadler Form makes a cool little floor fan that might fit your decor:

  22. Even a broken clock like Nina Turner is right at least twice a day. At that, thank you Nina, good point, now go back and continue to STFU.

  23. Lol, yep! She’s pretty judgey too. Lots of side-eye.

  24. I’d side-eye you too. Where’s her Lady Datejust???

  25. Then you have the maniacs who scored 90 on the Asvab who choose 11B

  26. 🙋🏾‍♂️ Maxed, chose Infantry, did five years, went ROTC, branched Aviation, went SOF and finished a 30 year career as an FA50.

  27. Hey, they wanted to do dude shit - so welcome to our world.


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