Birds are fed by their parents in their infancy. When the time comes to feed themselves, there can be some confusion when the food does not go into their mouth by itself.

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  1. That entire story sounds completely fabricated. My guess is that the dude writing in is under 25 years old, and has some sort of histrionic personality disorder, and may even be bipolar.

  2. Let’s face it: there is a rash of young men who would rather be women because being a male in modern society suuuuucks.

  3. Yeah, it was a fair mix of purple haired girls wanting to transition to boys and boys wanting to be girls in my wife's early days with her practice. She did hear from some of the trans males that they were having a hard time adjusting to their loss of privilege and community when they were no longer trucking with the girls. They were particularly shocked because they thought they'd get everything handed to them as males... eyes were opened even for those kids.

  4. At 19 I would have been down. Just 6 years later, that sounds awful. I have no desire to be a sex slave or object to be used, even if it means gross amounts of material wealth. Especially if it comes with an obvious stipulation that I'll be tossed aside like garbage when it's done.

  5. When I clearly didn't know better, and was willing to accept an awful deal. Are you starting to understand the problem?

  6. Well... personally, I think "man-buns" are among the worst style choices for men since the fucking pork pie hat, and if some dude with one opens his mouth to talk to me, I'm expecting some sort of bullshit to come out of it. However, I support the man's prerogative to wear his hair like some sort of dipshit, even though I will personally judge him for it, and if you don't support my right to personally judge you for your choices, you can eat a big fat bag of dicks because EVERYONE is personally judging EVERYONE else. At least you should have the stones to own up to it.

  7. BT is priced like a rail/well bourbon, but drinks much closer to top shelf than traditional rail/well bourbons in its price range. Obviously, everyone's taste varies (I enjoy BT very much, but find Blantons pretty repellent, for instance), but in general, there's a fair bit of opinion behind BT punching well above its price tag weight.

  8. If 60% (arbitrary) of journalists are women then 19% of journalists dying being women is an even worse statistic than portrayed.

  9. I believe this statistic is either a lie, or needs some qualification because in 2021, 5 out of the 46 journalists killed worldwide were women, which is just less than 1 in 9, and is up from 3 women out of the 50 total killed in 2020 - slightly more than 1 in 17. In 2022, there were anywhere from 57 to 67 journalists killed worldwide (numbers vary, presumably they may be on either the qualification of a person as a "journalist" or the circumstances of their death). I could not find any figures for the actual tally of those journalists killed in 2022 who were female, but if 1 in 5 of them were ACTUALLY women, I would think that this number would have gotten some legitimate visibility.

  10. If you took away the desire to have children, the main reason most men will get married is because they believe they will have access to regular, exclusive sex on a schedule that suits them. Deep down, women know this, but they act surprised when they pull the bait and switch and their husband gets pissed, or becomes distant, or won't knock her up. Why the fuck do you think they pull the "bait and switch" in the first place? Women know that in the absence of children, the gatekeeping of sex is their only leverage in the relationship.

  11. I purchase pork loin like that and slice it into 1.5" thick chops (steaks). Then I brine it for 24 hours, in a brine of ginger, whole allspice berries, crushed garlic, bay leaf, whole black peppercorns, and salt (5 oz in 32 oz water = ~15% NaCl) then cook it over a rocket hot gas grill for roughly 12 minutes total. I pull it at an internal temp of ~140, then rest for 10 mins to get it to 145. (this is considered safe for trichinosis).

  12. I did a bad job of explaining this on the graph. We took all of the attempts at juggling and plotted them (on the second image). To smooth things out we averaged 100 consecutive attempts and plotted the average with time. So for example the first point is the average of 1-100 and the next point is the average of 2-101.

  13. What comprises an "attempt"? Is that beginning to juggle the ball, and counting consecutive kicks until the ball is dropped and hits the ground?

  14. Hmm, ok. I've read your rationale for the exercise, and I am not critical of the project as a fun thing for your son. However, it might be more "interesting" for this crowd to present the data differently.

  15. There are only a very few occasions where crying in front of others will not brand you as a soft bitch. Those are the death or potential extreme peril of your child (e.g. terminal diagnosis or something like eminent brain surgery with a 20% survival chance) or the death of a close relative (sibling, mother, father, spouse, or GOOD buddy).

  16. Anyone who frequents that sub is not interested in actually discussing anything.

  17. All of those observations were compiled from the various companies I've worked for throughout my career. Two of the anecdotes I related (including the one about the crying Ph.D.) were from the same company.

  18. The only way this can be a true statement is if you allow the definition of "consent" to be something that can be withdrawn AFTER the fact. Of course, that's preposterous... but here we are.

  19. Hate to say it, the well is poisoned for this entire corporate structure for you.

  20. An intelligent person doesn't typically brook a lot of "absolutes" in discussions. Further, an intelligent person understands that discourse is necessary to either confirm or expand understanding.

  21. How ironic that current "woke" policy is to reinstate segregation. This is not even close to the first instance of it in the past couple of years, but it is definitely additional evidence of it.

  22. It is trolling. It's ridiculous on the face of it. This clown is daring people to argue with him so he can pretend his entire statement isn't a contradiction and then accuse any detractors of being misogynistic while he portrays himself as a white knight.

  23. When this happens to me, it is usually a form issue - I know this because I haven't changed my grip in years and I stand at exactly the same spot on the oche (I check every time).

  24. I too appreciate this sub. However, I feel a need to respond to one thing you said:

  25. You need to consider the following and after doing so, should be able to answer this yourself:

  26. There is a difference between "what would you do" and "what should you be allowed to do".

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