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  1. I just closed and reopened the epic launcher, it took all of 15 seconds to startup and log in. What is wrong with your guy's systems? 16 cores, 16GB ram, 2TB NVME.

  2. Kids this is what happens when you spend all day breaking up ETF baskets to short one stock.

  3. Kotaku is absolute trash. A vehicle for shit content generation and even more shit stirring. Effectively the national inquirer for video games.

  4. It's not litrpg or technically an inventory system, but in Spellmonger they weaponize dimensional storage to instantly kill anyone caught in it and drop boulders from the air like bombs. They do lots of other unconventional things with it too.

  5. Naomi is a human sized bipedal salamander "beastfolk" though.

  6. The correct quote I believe is "beastkin" and that's later in the book I think. She starts off small. Your comment is a bit of a spoiler.

  7. Not that small. Think about how early she gets her messenger bag back, nothing kitten size is lugging that around. She seems small compared to the giant snake she runs into, but that thing is large enough to eat humans.

  8. I picked up the complete edition during the winter sales and a lot of them add extra ways to do things, it can be a little overwhelming with how obnoxious the tutorials keep trying to force a million pieces of new content down your throat, but I can't imagine playing without stuff like grain silos or the docklands. That said I have a lot of gripes about some of slapdash design in the DLCs like how airmail works and some aspects of the Hacienda.

  9. I finally built an airship hanger in the old world the other day and found out the item transfer depot works between regions. No more manually sending ships full of tigers, butterflies, and agricultural specialists back and forth. It's kinda BS that so much QOL stuff is locked behind DLC, but there's a decent amount of content there too.

  10. I did this when I had a smaller SSD, I don't mind if it takes 30 sec for windows to boot if it lets me put slow loading games on the SSD. If your office deals with a data heavy workload this might make sense.

  11. "It was easy, we just deleted the "-" from the front of our profit numbers" - Mayo boi probably

  12. Where can you find a copy that works?

  13. I think demonic, Rilay, Jak'sho, Radiant virtue, Riftmaker, are all fantastic items on Singed.

  14. Demonic is a good item, but Rialy's is kinda weak even if it's the second best. Riftmaker is underwhelming, but sometimes situationally ok. The other two are tank items.

  15. You buy Rylai's for the slow not for the tankiness not damage, it's the second best because it lets Singed permaslow the enemy team in teamfights or gives him a better escape tool in splitpushes, the stats are just an added bonus imo.

  16. Sure, I know why you buy it, I'm not saying not to buy it, I'm not saying it isn't a core item on Singed, but it's not what it used to be with how the game is these days. 400 HP is what, like one auto from an ADC late game? 30% slow is good, but only when they don't have a dash available. I've been playing since closed beta and the item has not kept up with the power creep of high damage roles. The fact that you list two full tank mythics as AP bruiser items shows how poor itemization is.

  17. I never mentioned about ads but yes that was atrocious. Still, old article. I was like how did we not blow this up a while ago... Then I dug and didn't have to go very far to see what that was. If nothing else from this saga, it has made me a better critical thinker.

  18. You have a good suggestion for mobile users?


  20. Well, maybe not comedy, but Satire? Instead of the guy actually getting stronger, exploring, flunding a faction, and doing classic MC stuff he...farms? Kind of MC that wants to chill but trouble just ends on his doorstep.

  21. I just finished what's out for Battlemage Farmer and it's not comedy or satire. He's a fucking killing machine who's already the strongest being on the planet from page one and he's just running a farm while the world thinks he's dead because reasons. It's very serious and well written.

  22. Chrysalis by Rinoz. Starts off as a super weak baby monster ant and gets super stronk. Lots of action, frequent progression through mutation upgrades with enough descriptions of what he's not picking to make it seem like there's a ton of different paths, world seems really big, etc. There's two audiobooks out.

  23. Having good armor and keeping it repaired severely reduces the need for potions. At least as long as you have a good front line and can position them effectively.

  24. So do they only get injured if their armor is depleted?

  25. Yes, any time they take damage to HP there's a chance of injury, and it seems like the lower the health the higher the chance while if the damage is only to armor there is no chance of injury.

  26. I picture Ferdinand being more this

  27. That, but with the big cheeks unfixed toms get.

  28. So, if I'm reading this right, Gery Gensler Chewbacca?

  29. if you want to take a peak at it, you can download old versions on the Factorio website!

  30. I imagine this experience is like opening a mystery container of Italian food that's been in the back of the fridge for an unknown amount of time

  31. Chrysalis by RinoZ checks every one of those boxes. MC is a good natured, if a bit dim, giant monster ant who's constantly rushing headlong into adventures as he descends the stratas of a world spanning dungeon where each layer has an entirely different ecosystem/biome. Theres regular evolutions and body modifications for him and his pets/companions with stuff like growing extra brains to special glads that produce types of mana to full body "class changes". There's over 1k chapters on RR, 3 kindle releases, and 2 audio books currently.

  32. Eventually it'll be the end of them. When we hit the transistor size wall everything else will start catching up in miniaturization and at some point the best preforming GPU will be small enough to be integrated with the CPU and the need for discrete graphics cards will be over. nVidia will have to pivot their business model before then or die. Although this is them just trying to make their numbers look better.

  33. Honestly it's so much better that way. Jacket beats everyone in an entire police station to death, has a two minute conversation with someone in holding, then JUST. FUCKING. LEAVES.

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