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  1. You can check out "Machine guns: 14th century to Present" by Ian Hogg.

  2. "Ian was wrong, but an out of context quote by someone else who supports my confirmation bias I choose to use as a strawman was right, also Mr. Wrong happens to own the website holding the thing I originally tried to use as a source and just must not have seen it. Also all the books are wrong. Everything that does not conform to my view is wrong. You're wrong. Only I and the imaginary quotes from experts I deem good enough that they never actually said hold the truth. Wake up sheeple.'

  3. I didnt use the website as a source, I used the manual as a source. I said that the Manual was on his website because apparently you only trust him and nothing else.

  4. That's a Revelli-Beretta carbine, they were semi auto 9mm carbines used by the Arditi in 1918

  5. Thanks for another fact. Museum wrongly put it up as a moschetto automatico modello Beretta 1918 then.

  6. I guess "Beretta 1918" is kind of its unofficial name at this point!

  7. Yorumlardakiler gerçek yüzlerini belli etmişler. RTE yerine daha nazik, dürüst bir insan istemiyorlar, yine RTE gibi birini istiyorlar.

  8. 50 bmg blowback with no fucking stock... I call bullshit on "engage regularly". They must have a separate hospital just for for those recuperating from the recoil damage of this gun, and I can't imagine anyone stupid enough to use this gun a second time.

  9. Yeah this is the only example of these I've seen. They make rifles that look like this in 5.56 and such but this is the only .50 BMG one.

  10. I have seen this before and I can't imagine how you're supposed to cock that Hammer.

  11. Fingers crossed that the RD2 horse testicle mechanic gets added to her ass ❤️ Dynamic booty yo, they already got the code

  12. I hope the RDR2 horse testicle mechanic is utilised in human testicles in GTA 6

  13. I shot one of these in .40 S&W. Ther CT-40 Its widelly used by brazilian police.

  14. In what world is "its just an early build" a bad arguement. What are you even talking about

  15. why can't they just debate the interdimensional being on the marketplace of ideas like civilized people? if you're gonna attack it then you're just as bad as the monster.

  16. I believe George "animal farn" Orwell described this exact situation in his book "1984"

  17. It's left ambigous for the reader... such masterful writing

  18. Lol a fucking homemade guerilla gun has a non-reciprocating charging handle

  19. mauser pistolen development and production, 1877–1946

  20. YOOO They made Ben Garrison for registered sex offenders

  21. What are your sources on it being a "trench carbine"? The book "handguns of the world" calls it a submachine gun.

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