1. I'm sure it will come back eventually for some event. But as of now just by trading.

  2. I saw the movie 16 english dubbed few days back. Was surprised as hell to find it.

  3. Who knows at this point, something must have happened considering the premiere of the english dub of scarlet bullet was canceled a week before the premiere. Obviously it is fully dubbed, but it remains a mystery why the premiere was cancelled and why we haven't heard anything since...

  4. Vegetarijanci jedo ribe, ki so bolj ┼żivalske kot insekti. Torej lahko jeste tudi insekte

  5. Povej da nima┼í pojma o vegetarijancih, brez tega da pove┼í, da nima┼í pojma o vegetarijancih. Dejanski vegetarijanci ne jemo rib, ker so ┼żivali. Insekti so tudi ┼żivali. Kaj ribe se po novem pobirajo z dreves in luske se uporabljajo kot seme?

  6. Ti sam nima┼í pojma. Vegetarijanci po definiciji lahko jedo ribe, jajca, mle─Źne izdelke. Kar ima┼í ti v mislih so vegani

  7. Narobe. Vegetarijanci ne jemo mesa, ┼żivalski produkti kot so mleko in jajce pa so v redu. Ribe in insekti seveda spadajo pod meso, ker jih je potrebno ubiti za prehrano.

  8. Even though the filler is getting overwhelming as of late, I'd rather take that then see the return of the Haruo Ogawara style.

  9. Spremenil ne bo kaj dosti, ┼że sedaj se na veliko goljufa v smislu se prepi┼íe od drugod in se le malo stavek spremeni. S tem se doese┼że podoben rezultat hitreje, ampak stranski u─Źinek je isti, kar pomeni da kdor to dela ne bo ni─Ź z lastno glavo razmi┼íljal

  10. And he ordered them to dress as the two I mentioned for sure too

  11. I remember watching this on TV in like 2003/4 when this episode was shown. I instantly suspected something about her. She didn't behave normally. Didn't suspect her being a BO during the episode, but I instantly suspected her being shrunk like Shinichi and that she knew who Shinichi was. Then came her reveal and trolling Conan, which got me off guard. And when Conan has the WTF moment at Agasa's house and she just casually comes in I knew I'll like her haha

  12. So I need to catch two shinies and can call it a day. Neat

  13. How come we donÔÇÖt get English dub­čĺÇ

  14. Because the funimation's sucky dub failing is the reason people are convinced the series can't work for western audiences, even though as seen above it is successful in several other countries...

  15. I mean... the dub is iconic and the anime is basically just behind one piece in popularity. I'm from Slovenia and I watched it since it was on RTL II and plenty of people my age know this anime here from the exact source.

  16. That's exactly what it is,a hybrid which is likely a purprea hybrid crossed again with a purpurea, hence why it looks a lot like a purpurea.

  17. Looks normal for winter dormancy. It has however been in the pot for a while. In february/march it is the ideal time to transplant them into new substrate, so do that then and remove the moss.

  18. Some people have success with keeping betta and shrimp, others see their shrimp getting massacred. I guess as long as they don't find out they can be food, it can work out, but I don't recommend trying.

  19. No, in cannon episodes and the better filler episodes they're alright. In some fillers though they are annoying, but I don't let that ruin the better episodes for me.

  20. I don't know how things in japan work, but in many places they simply do not check bags and other belongings, unless it is super suspicious. In other countries though it's the opposite...

  21. Some plants would be nice, since they would compete with the algae for nutrients. Floating plants do a great job, but make sure they don't muliply too fast, sincd otherwise they xan cover the whole surface very fast.

  22. Doing some periodic sphagnum trimming and saw a mystery sundew. Best guesses on what it is? I have some capensis and a Marston's Dragon, but this lil friend looks like a Rotundifolia? Or a spoon leaf?

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