1. its the same people?, if that was me they woulda left with bulletholes the second time

  2. Dang what area they paying 27/hr for Walmart? Sign me up lmao

  3. im sorry but your boyfriend sounds like an immature bitch

  4. He only did that once, but I felt very uncomfortable with the whole thing. I talked to him but it hasn’t really made me feel better about it because he just keeps turning it to me have insecurities from my past and he promises he’s all for me. But it’s not that for me I think he really crossed a line by acting like that.

  5. Dont listen when he tries to say it’s insecurity, I would never do anything like that to comfort my partners friend, especially nothing physical except maybe a simple hug. He crossed the lines and wants to make you feel like you are crazy for calling him out

  6. I guess it might not be a bad idea to try to see the time stamp. But also we have all done weird things. What if she’s telling the truth about deleting it and now I’m the bad person?

  7. Whether or not , she still did that at some point and kept it. I would be willing to bet her reaction tells you all you need to know about how recent it was. Dont let someone like that stay in your life.

  8. Sounds like someones father was hard on him, dont let a bitter man destroy your sons emotional awareness, or yours.

  9. No matter what your brother said your boyfriend has no place slapping him, check your man.

  10. southern states still full of degenerate christians I see

  11. Sadly yes, the bottle is fine but don’t catch that REEFER MADNESS

  12. Its wild man, they still think weed and transgender people are the biggest threats to our children

  13. Man I mean no disrespect, but what about dmt makes you believe in the christian god?

  14. Looks like the 7 different chakras and the energy associated with em, very interesting

  15. DC's ability to totally fuck stacking a frozen pallet never ceases to amaze me. Yeah they've slapped together two short pallets quite a few times before on us, why I have no idea. But it never ends well...

  16. DC worker here , No clue why they do it either, i orderfill so im filling the pallets, and they assign us those tiny little amounts of items sometimes, for no apparent reason, except maybe that its just the end of the items that wont fill a full pallet

  17. Man they wont learn, just drop the new strains and focus on the ones everyone loves. I miss OBJ

  18. I mean I see both sides. It’s just weed.. it’s whatever who cares. But I also see their side. If you don’t want to be smelling weed at work you honestly shouldn’t have to.

  19. I am convinced that non smokers always make the smell out to be way worse than it really is… people just want to be a victim to anything they can

  20. so you were one of the people who beat me to it, annoying as hell, klutch needs to stick to the classics and stop growing their new sht

  21. They need to lower their prices to nothing should be $180 a half!!!

  22. Did you put on snow chains before driving in conditions so bad that you could barely walk to your car without slipping?

  23. you are weird dude, dont try to make amazon to be in the right here.

  24. Listen , dont worry about all these fucking degenerate store employees being upset. I would be mad at life If I worked in a walmart also. You are completely valid in being upset that some bimbo employee wasnt paying attention and injured you.

  25. I’m not worried, most of the replies make me laugh bc they make no sense

  26. are you fuckin stupid? he got exactly what he deserved, you are on the suspect list for next baby killer

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