My wife was helping my son go potty; so I decided to help unload the groceries and found this….

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  1. so you work at a dock huh? where at? Im on outbound dock at PIT2

  2. She needs to contact her mmj doctors office (Dr who did her recommendation) and tell them she wants to add you as a caregiver. They will need your email address and a copy of your photo ID. Here is a step by step video with all the details:

  3. Exactly. It lets them know it's okay to treat you that way

  4. forgiveness is essential, does not mean you need to be around that person. Forgive them and have compassion for it but dont have em in your life. All im saying is it a waste of energy to hold anything against someone else

  5. To be hired to the safety team, you have to prove first that you have absolutely no common sense

  6. I’ve heard really good things about the wonka bar for sure, also their rainbow chip. Have you had any batches from them smell like hay? I read their problem child is normally on point in terms of smell. I recently had ancient roots high octane triangle kush and it was some fire, but it had that hay smell and took me two weeks extending the cure to get the lemon and gassiness to come out. But this problem child is very potent. I think it might be the best weed I’ve had in the program so far, I am melted to my couch

  7. I have only ever had a few hay smelling batches from them and that was many months ago. I have had only amazing experiences with their flower since then. Problem child , blueberry cupcake, wonka bar and supreme diesel are all incredible strains

  8. never heard of truffles that make you trip, what are they

  9. Was wondering the same! The last batch was phenomenal!! I hope this is the same cause that’s what I ordered

  10. If i get it i’ll surely post an update/review.

  11. I know that exact head feeling bro, i get it most when i take smaller doses

  12. I'm too scared to grow. Police in Ohio will still give you a ticket for smoking weed. Even with your medical card you have to vape it for it to be legal. I've gotten that ticket before, I was so brutally mean and nasty to that cop, I kinda feel bad but he absolutely deserved it acting that way.

  13. I understand the fear about growing, and ill tell you the same i tell anyone else. the cops have no good reason to just show up to your house, let alone search it. and if they do have some reason then thats on you😂

  14. the half ounce? what are the effects like in your opinion? I like the potency of jealousy and sherbhead a lot, is this potent?

  15. The effects come on slowly but will couch lock you for sure. I bought 5 2.83 jars

  16. I ended up getting it! thank you for the recommendation it looks and smells absolutely lovely

  17. Woodward does not do half ounces I am sorry to tell you, trust me I think plenty of people would of hopped on that opportunity

  18. How is this rainbow cookies strain? hybrid or indica like? is it worth the purchase

  19. Dont just stay away from psychedelics because of this. maybe for the time being but not forever. You need to learn how to heal shit instead of just taking medicine to blanket it. Psychedelics will actually allow you to heal if you know how to surrender to the experience. whether or not you believe it, mushrooms only have your highest good in mind, we just tend to fight it when we dont like what its showing us, but its needs to be faced.

  20. Super lemon haze by grow ohio is quite piney and zesty , I think you would enjoy, I also love pinene

  21. I always describe the difference as LSD is masculine and extrospective, allows you to think more on the universe and how it works, more geometrical. I get a more electric body feeling on lsd, like a robot. On mushrooms its a more feminine experience, much more introspective and internal, focusing more on your own soul and your own desires, attachments, etc. the shroom visuals are more flowy. I also recommended just 3.5 but if you do 4 it will be alright

  22. I think I will do 3.7 after I saw a lot of 3.5 comments ✌️ And thanks this is what I needed to hear now I'm really hyped

  23. You are welcome! just want to spread the love. Enjoy the trip! and im sure you are aware of this by now, but its extra important with shrooms. do not fight it at all, let it go exactly how they want. the shrooms are like little beings

  24. Also going to say no, if anything it will bring some of the trippier sensations back. could very well add to that afterglow effect

  25. how do you go about getting swag bags?

  26. thats what i was wondering, at first seemed hostile 💀, like a “id like to have a few words with them” sorta thing

  27. There’s a long way to go before you have to worry about that. Plus, home grows are super easy. Look at recreational marijuana. It has, for the most part, been a positive for the community.

  28. And home growin shrooms is even easier and faster

  29. From the moment I opened the 2.83, I knew I would enjoy it. It truly has that raspberry vanilla aroma and flavor. Berry on the inhale, vanilla on the exhale. Got me up and moving, with a quick euphoric head buzz that lasts throughout. However, when I sat down, I could really feel it in my body. Wouldn't suggest for overly anxious folks. Ever since I had their Sour Kush, and then saw their lineage chart, I couldn't wait for this drop. It was a hard pick between this and the Tangie, can't wait for it next! Cheers! ✌️❤️🌳😎

  30. Sounds very good! where did you find it? I was originally doubtful of the birdsong products, should I watch for them more often?

  31. Im so high right now and the “i will lay six trips of bacon out on my george foreman grill” is KILLING ME RN , laughing my ass off, I get it though, smells fire!

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