1. Try American Club menthol or Good Stuff menthol. Use a regular tube.

  2. This might be a silly question but what exactly is a regular tube vs other options ?

  3. You’ll get used to them. Big brands add a ton of extra chemicals into the cigs which is what you’re missing from RYO.

  4. No, the longer the cut the better imo. The smaller shit and powder clogs the injector and falls out of the cigarette.

  5. Good Stuff Gold is my go to. Was smoking a mixture of gold and their menthol gold but had to nix the menthol, was killing my lungs. But yeah, out of the brands I’ve tried it’s the best and it’s readily available around me so I don’t really see any reason to seek another brand out.

  6. Never tried it. It’s pretty stringy 🤷🏼‍♂️

  7. Ty for posting pics! I am still kinda hesitant to buy just because there was some issues of visible mold with them. I will maybe try to buy again from them, I really enjoyed their green runtz

  8. Haven’t come across any personally. Really been enjoying this stuff though. Great tasting and smooth high.

  9. I did years ago and results were "strong". Just plain old bulk pipe tobacco & clove powder.

  10. The oil method could possibly work. I wonder if the actual cigs have ground up cloves or it’s just flavoring 🤔

  11. Does that affect the flavor at all? Never had an all black cig except Djarum

  12. You could also pony up that 3 dollars to buy a plastic case lol. Looks like its bending them.

  13. Is there a difference between loose leaf tobacco for cigarettes, and pipe tobacco?

  14. This kind of tobacco you find in bags is just labeled as pipe tobacco to avoid taxes. Never tried loose leaf.

  15. Sorry by loose leaf I meant RYO tobacco like Drum. So this is basically that just labelled "pipe tobacco"?

  16. Correct. It is actually for RYO. Most of the brands are labeled as such. If it comes in a big bag and has menthol, red, gold and silver options, it is cigarette tobacco.

  17. I know I’m gonna get downvotes. But I left the program because THCa products are way cheaper. And legal. Same buzz as normal bud and wax. Same THCa as the program. Just picked up a half of 27% THCa bud for $55 on sale. Omg it’s so good. Comparable to klutch. Any day of the week.

  18. This is interesting because a lot of the shit from the dispensary lists high THCA numbers and very little THC. Whats the difference? I thought it was turned into THC when heated... how are the hemp buds legal?

  19. This happens to me when the cut is too fine (usually the bottom of the bag) or you aren't tapping them down enough after you inject. After you inject the tube ideally your gonna have some tobacco sticking out of the top of the cigarette. Tap the cig filter side down until that extra gets sucked down into the tube. You may also not be using enough tobacco and its too loose.

  20. Literally no point. They are already obscenely cheap and it would be a total pain in the ass.

  21. Not traditionally a menthol guy but got a strange craving for a Newport a week or two back. Ended up buying a pack for $10.50! They definitely satisfied, but at that price not sustainable.

  22. Im thinking of trying the Hawkmatic. Its like 60 bucks on amazon. But yeah, I don't really want to get a crank machine as I don't see how its any easier than using my current zig zag hand injector.

  23. I’ve been getting the Tobasco brand and I know it’s blasphemy but I think I might like it better…

  24. I say dump it. It really Isn't a good idea to just have booze sitting around right after you leave rehab lol.

  25. This is a common misconception about all strains; that they are supposed to taste or smell exactly like their name. It’s always funny when people have you try their black market shit and it’s obviously been flavored or whatever. Like, no they didn’t cross actual blueberries into this plants genetics lol.

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