1. US Maps Analyst. I get paid with Hyperwallet. TELUS deposits money into HW and then I transfer it to my bank account. TELUS used direct deposit a few months ago, but not anymore.

  2. Is debit card enabled as transfer method on HW?

  3. I believe the transfer methods available include bank account, paypal, and venmo

  4. I have the exact same problem for two days now. No fix.

  5. I’m in the same boat. Been in the program since late 2019. Had NTA yesterday and now under review. Hoping for the best

  6. US Map Analyst here. I have had tasks available for the past few days.

  7. I have been suspended 2-3 times for review. Once suspended, I message Lionbridge immediately. The review usually finishes within 1-2 weeks.

  8. in france they give you tea and cookies when you get down

  9. I am in the US. How strict is security with cranes in Budapest/Europe?

  10. Read through the entire guidelines and make sure you understand how to correctly rate results in different situations. When taking the exam, refer to the guidelines because many of the exam questions are directly based on principles in the guidelines.

  11. US Map Analyst here as well. I did 5 hours of only POI validity tasks today.

  12. I wish I had gotten some of those tasks. Are you approved for resultSatisfaction?

  13. Nightlife in Raleigh > Chapel Hill (mostly college) > Durham. Raleigh has NC State, a few smaller colleges, Crabtree Mall, and a decent amount of bars/clubs. Chapel Hill has UNC and bars/clubs (but less than Raleigh). Crowd is mostly college and grad students. Durham has Duke, Southpoint Mall and some nightlife in downtown (but not great). I'd choose downtown Raleigh or an area close to NC State for a good mix of college and nightlife exposure. I'd choose an area near Franklin St in Chapel Hill if you want more college exposure (40:60, M:F ratio is a plus).

  14. Thanks that's really helpful, I think I'm going to sublease a spot for a couple months down there to get a feel for Raleigh & Franklin St before leasing for a year. Aside from location, are there any apartment complexes/buildings you know of that have a lot of college students/young professionals? Would any near the downtown areas fit the bill? I know there are some really nice high rise buildings down there but if it's all old retired people living there that's not what I'm looking for obv

  15. Chapel Hill: Carolina Square, Union, Lark, Shortbread, etc. These are all on/near Franklin St and have almost all college students. You could also look into Berkshire, The Elliot, and Trilogy. I don't know much about them but they are all very new and appear to have a younger professionals crowd (they are also <5 mins down the road from Franklin St). Raleigh: The Standard, Stanhope, and Valentine Commons are located on Hillsborough St and have almost all college students. I don't know much about downtown Raleigh but The Dillon, SkyHouse, The Metropolitan, and a few others look nice and probably have a younger professionals crowd. You could also look into RedPoint near NC State. Some of these places may only allow students to lease.

  16. I got this email. I believe they sent it to all analysts in our market. I think the main point of the email was to encourage analysts to research the results more and provide more detailed comments. How I see it, including links is encouraged but not necessary if your research and comments can compensate for it.

  17. US Maps Analyst here. I haven't been getting NTA but I have been getting a lot of India poi validity tasks.

  18. They were difficult to rate. I ended up not being able to verify many of them due to lack of information. Do you have any tips for next time they pop up?

  19. US maps analyst here. I haven't been getting many Search 2.0 tasks but I've been getting a decent amount of other tasks. Currently being assigned Question Answer and Content Classification tasks in Spanish (I don't speak Spanish...)

  20. I am a US maps analyst and I have had almost zero tasks for the past week.

  21. I also have not received my October invoice yet.

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