1. the Captain doesn't get to have fun trying on clothes. this is a dreadful idea

  2. the last time i had this problem, i already had the recipe

  3. the biggest AI cheat isn't the extra pace, tackling ability, or ball shielding. it's that their teammates duck when they shoot

  4. I don't think it's unrealistic but it is way too fast. Training system would be cool if it was much slower and if you needed good performances to maximize it ( so if the player plays badly, he won't improve weak foot and skills )

  5. i agree. there exists the computational capacity to make a mini-rpg character out of every single player you have, and to add stats for certain accomplishments (played a whole game->+10/100 stamina xp, kept a clean sheet on the road -> +15/100 tackling xp, +composue, scored against a rival->finishing xp, chance to unlock a new celly, chance of one club player trait) that take your players in unique directions and have them develop distinct personalities. imagine being able to earn traits this way.

  6. good find. the different player types were so rigid... this looks like an Attacker if i'm not mistaken. hope you don't mind the balance though... and composure never grew even after a few cup runs or league titles

  7. you seem very kind. shy but immensely silly around the right people. like a mix of Michael Palin and Dominique Pinon

  8. like you're about to expose how little i practiced the Hanon this week

  9. when i worked crap jobs in high school and college, there was always someone who i could count on not to crap the bed under pressure, but who also wasn't a management-loving ass-kisser. i thank the lord for the ones like you, and i hope life is treating you well. i would never, not for all the money in the world, go back to that age myself (late teens/ early twenties).

  10. i think maybe you are from the caucasus and you like varenniki (or whatever they are called, the little dumplings with preserves in the middle)

  11. though some people could be said to wreak of divorce, it is more of an aroma on you

  12. you have a vibe that suggests people of all ages like being around you, that you like antics and hijinks and encourage others to goof around and break out of the social shell a bit. but that there is a deep and secure sincerity behind it all so it doesn't seem superficial

  13. very gross of you to sneak a mirror pic of the man in the maroon t-shirt

  14. This is a huge throwback, but Ring Lardner's short stories are a riot. The narrators of the stories are captivating, street-smart speakers from the early 20th, but the language is easily readable and still snaps. The plot often contains some O'Henry irony. "The Haircut" is how I found him, but I stayed for the baseball stories too.

  15. Haruki Murakami's South of the Border, West of the Sun. It's not a romance novel per se, but it's about a romance, so take what you will

  16. Demian or Siddhartha by Herman Hesse were my favorites of the zen-meets-factories coming of age novels we were exposed to in high school. haven't really sat down to compare the philosophies but both have that emphasis on self and revelation

  17. Jennifer Egan usually fits around there. I've one shotted a few of hers (I'm not a fast reader) and enjoyed all of them, especially Goon Squad and Look at Me

  18. Sorry for the double but Generation P by Pelevin is good if you don't mind translation (or if you read Russian I suppose)

  19. I kind of hesitate to recommend this because I have mixed feelings about the author as a person, but Tao Lin - Taipei. It's sort of a B.E Ellis satire mixed with Camus. Like Ellis's work's, it's still a serious book. The prose is dry but the content is interesting. Very clever. Only downside is if a-moral or dispassionate mains put you off then you won't find a hook here.

  20. it seems like it's about a girl scout but really it's about t'ree fitty

  21. Renee Olstead and Norah Jones have carried the torch recently with sensual jazz, though their music doesn't tend to have that poppy kick you might be looking for

  22. he'll miss the occasional game when his VD flares up

  23. i think so too. he threw that extra Troy Aikman had in there

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