1. Seriously I thought I was going crazy for not hearing what was on the caption.

  2. The professor probably has a certain amount of material to cover every day.

  3. this really isnt that much driving folks, ive done it in a weekend

  4. Yeah, I know people drive from seward to fairbanks for marathons, etc. It is a lot of driving, but some people are into driving 12 hrs per day and he has a week.

  5. I didn’t think so, ain’t no way you could make that trip on one tank of gas is there?

  6. talking about the denali highway? There are lodges along the way. I think one might sell gas. but there is definitely gas at both ends. its only a 120 miles I think. should be able to make it on a tank. I have driven it a few times and didn't bring any extra.

  7. I like Motorola. Good bang for the buck. mostly stock android with only streamlined actually beneficial mods.

  8. The rule book isn't the greatest, but the game is excellent. Watch a video or something.

  9. Yes, it's not really that difficult of a game to learn if someone teaches you, but it is difficult to learn from the booklet. It's also easyish to teach to people who have played trick taking games in the past. So I found it pretty easy to teach my mom and other older people.

  10. That's only for increasing the difficulty. Standard rules apply for three players.

  11. Oh, right. But I find that since playing with three is so much easier than playing with 4, removing a color only makes it as challenging as four again.

  12. It looks like they have climbing skin put on, that red part visible on picture? If that’s the case you need to remove it and will be able to ski.

  13. these types of ski have skin built in, it cant be taken off.

  14. Well then he needs second pair, one to go up then change to go down 🤷‍♀️

  15. No, he just needs the skin conditioner stuff, its supposed to keep the snow from sticking.

  16. I am new. How would we know if we are nearby? I dont have a ymir anyway, though.

  17. thanks this is really interesting. I didn't realize about the calcium and magnesium flavors or how to avoid them. had never considered it.

  18. "Good Ol Raisins and Peanuts" is another interpretation. I don't doubt it is also taken to be "granola, oats, raisins peanuts!" but isn't granola and oats redundant?

  19. 100% agree saying its not is just as much an uneducated guess as saying it is.

  20. I think if she had her mail auto-forwarded, that only lasted so long. So it could be that the forwarding time period ended.

  21. You could be right! Well, hopefully she will fix this for next time if that's the case. I don't wanna talk to her, but she should get stuff she buys.

  22. Ideally people notice when stuff got forwarded by the address written on the envelope or box, and they update the new address with the sender during the forwarding period. I would be pretty tempted to just write "return to sender, wrong address" and send it back on her stuff in the future. shouldn't be your chore to deal with it.

  23. The times I’ve brought out splendor I’ve found that it was very much multiplayer solitaire, everyone’s got their own plans/goals, with no table talk. I have some of those other games you mentioned and don’t see myself bringing out splendor again. Actually planning on selling it and picking up the Duel version which has gotten good reviews recently.

  24. that is how some people play. others look to their left and try to block the obvious moves of the next player in their turn order. other people try to see what everyone is trying to do and factor it into their decisions. Like

  25. you have some real issues you need to work on about yourself. she does too, but you need to find your self-worth. You maybe shouldn't be dating anyone until you understand why you put yourself in this situation.

  26. I know you don't like the app idea if one person has their phone out. But here is an implimentation that lets you have it on multiple phones. Personally I think just one or a few phones sitting around for everyone to use would be good. Maybe just one tablet that everyone can reach. I haven't tried it yet.

  27. Maybe in the store that might be able to switch you over with out the pin.

  28. Hanabi I feel has this aspect. They maybe telling you to play, hold or discard. There are conventions to follow but some situations come up where if you can infer their thoughts you can get a great play.

  29. You like to all watch and discuss everyone's turn. I don't think a scoring change is going to speed it up if that is an aspect you want to keep.

  30. Eh, I think not taking a minute to help a friend and their child if you were just home drinking beer is ABSOLUTELY an asshole move and would make a difference.

  31. Ok bad example. My point is corporate isn't more important than other work from home jobs. I have worked corporate from home, and like any office job, you absolutely feel pressure to be on sometimes and like the sky is falling because executive A wants the numbers an hour ago and I am waiting for accounting to give me the number of widgets last quarter.....and it's not like people are dying. It's really like executive A doesn't have the stuff animal and their nap time has been impacted.

  32. Horizons of Spirit Island is the cheaper version with a tutorial.

  33. some carriers are better than others in some places. and it depends how much data you want to really. If you use 300 GBs per month an unlimited plan is going to be cheapest. but if you 5GB per month unlimited is going to be more expensive than you need. ATT pre paid unlimited might be good for you if ATT is the best in your area.

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