1. If you search through the subreddit you will see what are essentially daily posts about Adventure Sync not working for the past 3 months. The problem is not with you, and there is nothing you do can fix it

  2. The thing is, even though adventure sync has been buggy for some people for the past 3 months, it has been consistently buggy since the previous update (which is also when I started getting affected, and very consistently so). My guess was that it had something to do with bluetooth connectivity or something (because I was connecting my headphones and gotcha a lot the past few days) but perhaps it's got to do with other issues.

  3. Nice! Now we just need to be able to see them on our friends' profiles. I feel like that was a feature the game was advertised with.

  4. Pretty sure once a shadow is released as a leader Mon/shiny form, it's pretty much gone from the grunt pool as an option, so don't count on shadow beldum grunts

  5. The only reason that happened is because rocket leader's pokemon can be shiny and rocket grunts' could not. But now that they can I'm not too sure this still holds up.

  6. Read the news page on the official Pokemon GO site regarding the new Rocket event. It's starting on the 25th and shouldn't be live yet anyways.

  7. This is part of the reason why all these media sites should be ignored for the purposes of accurate information. Silph is kinda all you need for Pokemon GO news and updates, PvPoke and Stadium Gaming are great for team building, rank checking and IV checking, if you really care about long-term future updates, Pokeminers twitter is great for theorising and preparing for future updates and releases that might or might not take 3 years to appear, Pokebattler and CalcyIV are great sources for raiding purposes, helping you calculate your own damage and if you need a couple extra members, raiding apps like GoFriend, Pokeraid and GOraid exist.

  8. If I may... Shadow registeel is a great way to farm out a good moveset on Smeargle. Currently, there's only 7 Pokemon types that have access to Lock-On in Pokemon GO: Octillery, the Porygon evolutions and all Regis except Drago. Lock-On is the best moveset on Smeargle for stunlocking Rocket Grunts.

  9. lets say you wait and they patched it, any idea what would happen?

  10. Iirc misunderstood mischief is a separate story compared to the main TGR researches, so those shouldn't block you at all. Have you completed Shadowy skirmishes?

  11. Ah. Still: 25 (<1 mil xp) vs 40 (20 mil xp) is a huge difference.

  12. 2018 and 2023 is also a huge difference. Besides that, I think it's good that there is a slow but ever increasing minimum level requirement. if I remember correctly, level 35 was required for Victini? Which was releaesed almost 3 years ago, in my opinion plenty of time for people to slowly catch up. Especially considering the way faster XP level up methods available today as compared to 2018.

  13. You got the candy if the candy walk meter has reset. Screen shot candy, do the walk, check candy. Give 10 mins for candy to load

  14. It does not work for me. I had an egg open (12 and 7 km, two separate instances) and waited in game for almost 30 minutes but wasn't credited anything.

  15. But my favorite part is that the justification also applies to the statement "It's RNG!". If you don't have the data to draw a conclusion, you don't have the data. But that doesn't stop them from insisting that their assumption is fact.

  16. Except there's a difference when I see that stuff on here. There IS data available, it's just (possibly) outdated. And with all theories that were proven before using data, the burden of proof lies with those that are looking to debunk the theory.

  17. You should be able to get more than 10-15 per coin bag. Hit excellent throws for better chance at coins. I haven't been optimized with my coin bags but I've been averaging 25 coins over 26 Gimmighoul per coin bag, hitting excellent throws around 70% of the time. My spawns are not great because it's cold out, so I generally walk a tight indoor loop instead of a straight path. My throws aren't perfect because I'm impatient and I often throw into jumps.

  18. To add to this: it's a dex entry. Nothing more than that. A year from now you'll not be looking back at this Pokemon at all.

  19. I just want my raid medals to give me extra balls (especially useful for mega legendaries & primals)

  20. Chance is 1/64 so you had about 50% chance to get it. Do 70 more you should find one.

  21. I like the fact that it's going to take a long me something (other than grinding XP) to do.

  22. While that's true, the rewards aren't exactly worth it... Remember when regular Jirachi's special research rewarded 10 star pieces and 5k dust for 1 step? Or multiple raid passes from the Genesect research?

  23. I don't find that a great reason tbh. Yes, it stinks that Pokemon are good in the Main Series but not in Go or vice versa, but there's still some under-appreciated Main Series Pokemon that get to shine because of their lack of speed and low stat totals. Azumarill, Jumpluff, Sableye, Mawile, and many more.

  24. Azumarill already got its shine with Belly Drum Aqua Jet, Sableye and Mawile have mega evolutions. I don't see Jumpluff anywhere, not sure what you mean with "spotlight"

  25. Jumpluff is pretty decent in GL, I see it occasionally, and obviously azu, sableye (mawile is niche). That's what the person you replied to was referring to.

  26. Obviously the other three I can see as for why they were included as pokemon that get their shine in GO, but the thing is, they already got a chance in the spotlight previously. The point still stands, as some Pokemon simply suck in the MSG but not as much in GO, just that those three specifically are not valid as examples. For real examples, see Stunfisks, Sandslashes, Zangoose, Pidgeot etc.

  27. A few things that may have at least some relevance.

  28. To tag onto this and elaborate: GPS issues are easy to spot. Your Pokemon will ALWAYS run after 1 ball thrown, 1 shake. Anything else, not GPS.

  29. You have beldum now. So TM frustration away when the event comes, then wait for when meteor mash comes around again to evolve then.

  30. Honestly I would just treat them like you’d treat any other pokemon. They’re effectively just a different species from their normal counterparts anyways in terms of stats. Some people will make the “0/0/0 shadow is still better than non shadow so the ivs don’t really matter” argument but that’s like saying a 0/0/0 rampardos is a better raid attacker than a 15/15/15 bastiodon so you should just power up any rampardos. Obviously you’re not gonna bother powering up a rampardos if it doesn’t have good ivs though, so I don’t see why shadows get special treatment. In fact the game has a built in incentive for holding off on powering up a shadow pokemon until you get better ivs since removing frustration is restricted to certain events.

  31. If you power up a bastiodon for raiding purposes instead of a rampardos you're exactly the type of player that needs 7 people to defeat Rayquaza

  32. There used to be a big shift in the raid meta where 15/0/15 was considered to be among the best budget IV spreads, because raid Pokemon hit harder - and subsequently the amount of energy gained from incoming fast and charged moves is increased. This means that your Pokemon die faster yes, but if you dodge charge moves you fire off your charged moves faster too, and possibly more of them due to dodging.

  33. The lure can spawn one from what I've heard/seen, but take that with a grain of salt. It is far from guaranteed apparently, and it also isn't guaranteed to be caught even if you do find one.

  34. There's one issue with this. The buildings you're weaponising are so high health that them activating before the building itself is under attack is too broken. Imagine two of these side to side? It'd be like a town hall plus, but also there's 9 of them on the map.

  35. Niantic doesn't believe in anything but their own bottom line. If they wanted to decrease the number of remote raids done, they'd have decreased the rewards from raiding remotely to max 3 bundles and the Pokemon to catch, plus a 50% increase in price.

  36. Awful shiny rate for a day that is centered around shinies that were already released 2 years ago and the way they handled tyrogue and hitmontop (which were ALSO released a year ago already) was even worse.

  37. Any change to the gym system will be a nerf on how many coins you can claim

  38. They tried this a few years ago, gyms got nerfed (less coins per 10 minutes) the total reward pool of coins (50 per day) was split, 30 from gyms, 20 from tasks (or something similar)

  39. I apologise for being as harsh as I was in my reply, but the issue with your comment remains. We as a community shouldn't lower our standards for what is acceptable and what isn't based on what Niantic has done in the past. The gym changes didn't go through then BECAUSE the community didn't accept it, so the gym changes now shouldn't be the same as they were then.

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