1. “He must illegally conquer” or something like that. It’s a couple more syllables though, so I don’t know if Raiden would be able to say it.

  2. That's a good one actually. Hell, even if was able to send the first three words, I think it could work

  3. Again, simply saying that Shao Kahn must win would've caused much more damage as they would let him win the tournaient, which would then allow him to merge the realms freely

  4. You have to change fighting style. The node should force you to use champs that cause a minimal amount of debuffs. Don’t parry and use your specials when they are between sp2 and 3 only if your special doesn’t cause a debuff.

  5. I only started playing it because it was the only Marvel fighting game on the market. I think that hugely helps

  6. Would you say it's possible with a maxed out 5* Herc ? Never got the chance of pulling him

  7. Sorry to bother in this post, I downloaded the randomizer from here

  8. Most mods are seen as virus. Don't worry, it's safe. Even I, one of the creator, is getting the antivirus alert everytime I update the dll and exe lol

  9. I'm really glad that they're acknowledging the fact that Gwen's last series was about the same thing lol

  10. It can be seen right before Krauser enters the frame, which mean Krauser is the one who gets to him this time.

  11. FOSE >Anniversary Patch >Engine fixes(F3TF, Mod Limit Fix, NVAC, Heap Replacer) > Bug fixes > HUD > Weapon mods(that are not complete garbage) > Visuals and Body replacers > Armor and clothing > Quest Mods.

  12. I wish I could use TTW but sadly, it still doesn't work with other audio langages..

  13. Captain America and magic are the extreme ends of the light/dark scale. Captain America will always go light, magic always dark. Everyone else has a leaning.

  14. Which is funny because Cap might be the character that Magik respects the most

  15. I guess I'm glad that the transformed totems seems to keep some kind of personnality and aren't just mindless minions ?

  16. Well thats fuckin depressing. Great artwork tho

  17. It isn't actually Gwen, it's a Celestial that takes her appearance to judge Peter's life.

  18. Welp, it ended in the exact same status quo but hey, I won't lie : It was a nice little story, nothing ground breaking but enjoyable 'till the end

  19. They're not KILLING, they're mind-controlling. For now, at least. Mini-Marvels made that clear. Also, this is KIND OF meant to be the FINAL story, so... there could be bloodshed.

  20. Still, it feels extremely cheap to relegate your popular characters to be goons for the baddie just to try and prop-up new ones. It's basically "fuck your favorites, these new guys are better"

  21. Well, it does raise the stakes more.

  22. There's ways to do that without alienating part of the audience.

  23. I love Web Of Shadows but I'm tired of people praising it for being "OMG S0 D4RK" The story is cookie-cutter edgy shit and really doesn't make a lot of sense. And it gave a lot of new fans the false idea that Spidey should be dark and brooding, and that Venom is a twisted monster.

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