1. Cheers! I worked for one of the entities supporting ICF (making targets and hohlraums, among other things), but not directly at NIF. You guys have had a really big year up there, and I think a lot of the positive publicity and attention the fusion community has received since then is building on the momentum of that record shot!

  2. Yeah, it’s been awesome. Lots of non LLNL people have been asking me about it (and fusion in general), it’s exciting that so many people are interested right now.

  3. Technology is your friend. I set reminders for everything - trash, dishes, yardwork, events… if I don’t have a reminder for it, it doesn’t happen.

  4. I think your instructor is letting you swallow a bit of water while barely staying afloat, which sucks for your confidence. My instructors were well attuned to what I can handle so I was never uncomfortable, just busy. Switching to a 140 on your third lesson is odd. Not wrong, but it's adding a few more notches of difficulty at a time that everything is new to you.

  5. Yeah, he warned me about the 140… but it was either that plane or no flying. I’m glad I got to try it though. I’ll definitely be sticking with nose wheel for a while.

  6. If the air is choppy, this is because there is too much thermal activity due to heat in the middle of the day. Try to schedule mornings early as possible or evenings right before dark. The air will be much smoother. Then you can get acclimated to the process in calmer air.

  7. Unfortunately my CFI usually won’t fly until around 9, but I can’t make that work with my work schedule. Last flight was at 2pm… so not ideal at all. I’ll probably try and do 5pm though for a while, thanks!

  8. If we already have a background check from DOJ can we send it to them…?

  9. Figured as much. That's not a 3rd degree burn. I've been burned like what you pictured more than once.

  10. The 10 day is just mean. At least make it 7 days so I can come back on the same day next week.

  11. I’m a Christian, most of my family believe in young earth. As a scientist with a degree in Geology and experience doing radiocarbon research as my first research experience out of college I don’t believe YEC, but I can answer from the many arguments I’ve had.

  12. Anything but bar food. I feel overwhelmed with pizza/burgers/tacos/deep fried everything every time I'm in the area. It feels like you have to drive to Reno just to get a salad...

  13. Sorry if this is a stupid question… but where does all the money I pay an instructor go to? Most all the CFI’s around here are charging around $60/hour. Are y’all really only getting like half that??

  14. That’s insane! Do the schools have an integral function or can you just bypass the schools and work out a deal directly with a CFI?

  15. Not that this is by any means a solution, but can hopefully help a few people at least a little…

  16. If you made it through a 90 minute lesson, then you are doing great. Most students are overwhelmed and stressed out after 45 minutes in the early lessons. I keep the first 3-5 lessons 60 minutes or less for this reason. You have to build your mental endurance and get used to a LOT of new sensations that your body simply wasn't designed to cope with easily.

  17. Thanks, I appreciate this comment. Its good to know that all that is normal

  18. Oh for sure. If I get real close to throwing up I feel it for at least the rest of the day.

  19. Yeah, the meds are not a long term solution at all. I took it out of habit really, but thought it was important to describe the level of motion sickness I was experiencing even with it.

  20. How is that a bad decision? You’ll save literally thousands of dollars in interest

  21. I dropped 300 calories per day from my diet and I’ve gained ~2lbs body fat in the last 5 weeks… (measured via electrical resistance body fat calculator)

  22. I had the exact same problem. I talked to him at the lava place and kill the drag at Azula but he’s not there. If you go to where radahn died, you can actually find Alexander digging up sand over there. Problem is idk how to get him to go to crumbling forum azula.

  23. Is it that sleeping one that looks like a rock if you’re not paying attention? He got me too lol

  24. No, there’s a group of three randos in the middle of the white out somewhere and when you kill em, one turns into the bear.

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