1. Of course the Warriors and Klay’s slump will end when they play the Knicks

  2. Isn’t this his fourth season on the Knicks?

  3. Oh ok I’m just an idiot

  4. Nah, haha, you’re good. Trips me up sometimes too

  5. Who would have thought the Knicks would go 2-0 in the league's hardest back-to-back

  6. Despite the efforts of the Nuggets best player, RJ Barrett, the Knicks were able to pull through with the victory

  7. Julius Randle masterclass. With the way he hustled tonight, this genuinely might have been his best game as a Knick.

  8. I wonder how Disney feels with out RDJ’s iron man, Spider-Man will be the only solo character to generate a billion but they don’t own him

  9. Knicks fans were all over the Celtics “poor offseason” especially after they got off to a good start compared to us.

  10. Typical clown Knicks fans comment. Makes you a double clown for pretending you weren’t clowns before. Don’t make it a triple clown.

  11. She never lied though. She blew a situation out of proportion but she said word for word what he did

  12. That's not true because she didn't mention he said that because he didn't want her to spoil her appetite before going out for a big dinner. Also, she didn't mention that after she said she only ate a banana, he was concerned, and said "but I offered you a poke bowl earlier?"

  13. King of New York my ass. Bro had one fluke run 😭😭

  14. Just shitposting, bro. Still, 2/12 is something else

  15. Is it though? I mean there’s people from New York like Donovan mitchell that may wanna go there come free agent time, but historically who are the last talented free agents they got? A near retired Jason Kidd? Amare stoudemire in 2010?

  16. I think it's just them being trash for 20 years as opposed to players not wanting to come here. One year after the Nets, who were also pretty awful for a long time, had a solid season and reached the playoffs, two stars went there. It's 'cause they could build something there with the pieces they had, but the Knicks didn't have that for most of the last 20 years. Why would a star come to New York for a first round exit.

  17. DSJ is definitely going off against us, right? 😂

  18. Alright enough with this. This is getting low key cringe how often he/we/them/everyone is talking about it.

  19. I think everyone has pretty much moved on, but I think it was interesting to hear from Donovan himself about what he thought was going to happen.

  20. Season fell off after this, but man, no better fanbase than the Knicks

  21. Y’all don’t sleep on odd year Randle. Save your criticisms for next year 😈

  22. I might pick a few teams to follow because I don't know much about basketball. My friends are a Warriors fan, a (dirty) Celtics fan, and a Heat fan. Warriors are pretty bandwagon, Celtics I don't like that whole theme, Miami Heat is pretty cool. The Raptors seem cool too. I think I like the Knicks the most though

  23. Watch the Knicks sidetalk videos. They'll either endear you to the team or push you away, haha. First game of the season is on Wednesday, and the home opener is on Friday. You should try to catch those games if you're interested

  24. Having an existential crisis. Should I watch the season opener on Wednesday or go do pottery with my crush?

  25. Watch the highlights after, bro. 81 more games you could watch live

  26. Also, I’m starting to think maybe Hartenstein isn’t an MVP caliber player…

  27. Cam straight up sucks. He looked awful last season and I’m not seeing much of a difference throughout preseason. I totally understood when fans wanted Obi to get more minutes ‘cause you saw glimpses of his high potential. I genuinely don’t understand what some of you see in Cam for y’all to be advocating for him to get more minutes. Just missed rotations and bad shots.

  28. I’m getting serious 20-21 vibes from Randle 🤑

  29. I feel like he always plays well against us lol

  30. Rockets fan here (coming in peace). Always liked Lin and felt bad how it shook out in Houston. He comes in as the big acquisition and new face of the team until like right before the season starts Harden is acquired and he becomes an afterthought. Next season the guy Houston brings in from the Russian scrap heap takes his starting job (ie Pat Bev) and the following year he’s dumped for cap space to the Lakers. Definitely don’t regret Houston prioritizing Harden over Lin it was the right call, but when Harden was out and Lin became main ball handler he always showed out. Part of me will always wonder what could have been if he was made the main guy for a whole season.

  31. I think this is one of, if not the biggest, NBA 'what if' for me

  32. I predict the Knicks are going to be fun this year if only for the fact that the only times they've been fun in the last 20 years, they had a tall white guy that shoots 3s.

  33. Really wanted to hear MSG commentators over the national ones for the first game

  34. Tonight's game is on MSG, right? For out of market folks, would that be an option on league pass or would it be blacked out 'cause it's also on TNT?

  35. I bought two tickets with my presale code for Newark. Not sure how if it's region based or if the code can be used again (maybe to buy two more seats since I only bought two). Let me know if you want it and I'll send it to you.

  36. Hi, thank you for the reply! When do you think the single game tickets will be released?

  37. I'm not too sure, but since the preseason isn't too far away, I wouldn't be surprised if it's by the end of this month

  38. The way Thibs runs the starter into the ground, I’m not sure Grimes will get the time needed to grow

  39. If they value Grimes so much that they have kept him out of every trade package then I would sure hope he is the starter come the season opener..

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